Frank Lloyd Wright Larkin Decorative Panel Faith
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Frank Lloyd Wright Larkin Decorative Panel Faith
Product ID# NB70 - Faith

These decorative word plaques are inspirational & ornamental.  Hang on a wall where they can be viewed and admired.  Patio or porch.  By the front door to welcome guest.  Place one or more indoors or outdoors on a garden wall or gazebo.  Faith - Hope - Charity

Embellishing the fifth floor balconies at Frank Lloyd Wright's Larkin Company Administration Building, Buffalo, New York 1902-1906 (demolished 1950) were decorative panels, inscribed with three words, sequential in meaning, that were inspirational and encouraged independence of thought & individuality of interpretation.  These plaques mimic the inscriptions found in the courtyard of the building.

- Made in America - Wet Concrete Mix
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable
- Only Available in Antique Gray Finish
- Made from frost-proof concrete.

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Antique Gray Finish

Built in 1903 to serve as the administrative headquarters for the Larkin Company's burgeoning mail-order soap business, the Larkin Company Administration Building was necessarily sited amidst a tangle of railroad lines.  At the heart of it's cream brick interior, a 76-foot tall sky-lit courtyard ringed with inscriptions extolling the virtue of labor, provided and almost ecclesiastical light from above( a design element Frank Lloyd Wright would revisit in the Unity Temple and S.C. Johnson Wax Administration building). Characteristically, Wright designed every aspect of the interior.  Despite its demolition in 1950, the Larkin Building remains a modern icon of twentieth century building.

Since 1977, Nichols Bros. Stoneworks has been the exclusive manufacturer of Frank Lloyd Wright reproduction plaques, planters, garden containers and sculptures. The wet concrete Frank Lloyd Wright statues are formed in molds of historical exactitude, combining centuries old wet methods and state of the art technology with additives to improve strength.

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