Frank Lloyd Wright Midway Garden Sprite Comb 73

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Frank Lloyd Wright Midway Garden Sprite Comb 73
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The "Maid in the Mud" is a 73" life-sized sandstone replica of one of the many sculptures designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Alfonzo Ianelli was the original sculpturer in the Midway Gardens in Chicago, Illinois (1913)
This striking sculpture is cast in stone, showing it's clean lines and architectural integrity made popular by a 20th century American master builder. A companion to the 66" tall sprite, and the  64" statue represents a whimsical woman clutching a baton or scepter between her hands, this life size garden statue has a decorative comb on the back of her hair.   Truly beautiful, heavily detailed and full-scale, this statue works indoors or outdoors.  Display where you want a decorative artistic touch of history.

- Made in America - Dry Mix Sandstone
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable
- Color Samples Available - All colors available
- Sealant Available - Adds A Slight Sheen & Prevents Natural Patina Process.

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This Frank Lloyd Wright Full Size Sprite Sculpture is a striking reproduction of the original that sat atop the exterior walls of Midway Gardens.  This beautiful, geometric architectural statue was conceived for the special purpose of adorning and watching over Midway Gardens, once a center for premier entertainment, fine food and music on Chicago's lake front.  The end of Midway Gardens came in 1920 when Prohibition was declared.  The building was finally closed and demolished in October 1929.

Midway Gardens was bulldozed into Lake Michigan as a break-wall.  As the story goes, a member of the Midway Gardens wrecking crew either recused the Sprites from the lake or snatched them before they were destroyed.  Each piece is hand cast from materials frank Lloyd Wright loved to design with, concrete & cast stone. The most popular and familiar statuary item is the Midway Garden Sprite. 

Since 1977, Nichols Bros. Stoneworks has been the exclusive manufacturer of Frank Lloyd Wright reproduction vases, planters, garden containers and sculptures. The cast stone Frank Lloyd Wright statues are hand formed in molds of historical exactitude, combining centuries old dry casting methods and state of the art technology with additives to improve strength. Each piece is assigned a numbered Frank Lloyd Wright signature plaque to distinguish it's place in the Frank Lloyd Wright stoneware collection.

1997, our manufacturer Nichols Bros. Stone works has been the exclusive licensed manufacturer of these exquisite garden containers. Each piece is assigned a numbered Frank Lloyd Wright signature plaque to distinguish its place in the Frank Lloyd Wright Stoneware collection. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has authorized our manufacturer to produce 10 distinctive garden vases, each in three sizes. These products are authorized by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona.

A portion of the sales of these products supports the conservation and education programs of the Foundation. We all want our home, garden and landscape areas to be beautiful and decorative. Colorful flowers, plants and unique decorative containers made of concrete, sandstone and cast stone, allow you to add that elegant touch. Using Frank Lloyd Wright's outdoor tall urns, garden bowls and Frank Lloyd Wright garden planters let you create height to your landscape decorations allowing the beauty to be seen from all sides. Frank Lloyd Wright's concrete garden planters and landscape containers are impressive, ornamental and functional. When you desire an impressive, inexpensive, high-quality concrete, sandstone or cast stone product then the Frank Lloyd Wright Garden Collection is the one to beat!