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Made in American, these vertical barrier bollards and decorative fence, column pier caps are durable, beautiful and functional.  They match our Sandstone and Phoenix Concrete Planters making it easy to create a cohesive commercial or landscape design.  Click on each photo to see the color options available.

What is a Bollard and why do you need one?
A bollard is a sturdy, short, vertical post. A sandstone bollard is installed to control road traffic and to prevent automotive vehicles from colliding into pedestrians and structures. Our bollards are not only decorative but functional and can also be used as a architectural element to your residential landscape, garden or patio areas. You see bollards acting as protective barriers in public settings like parks, parking, hotels, resorts, schools, and most public spaces. In residential setting we see them by swimming pools, patios, walkways, gardens and parking areas around your home. A sandstone bollard is easy to install and versatile when it comes it's many uses. When you are looking at our Sandstone planters, pottery, garden statues & pedestals, why not match a bollard with the same color & sandstone mix. This will create a coordinated Residential or Commercial decor.

What is a Pier Cap and why you may need them?
Sandstone Pier Caps sit on an existing structure, like a entryway pillar, a fence, boundary walls and gateways. They help protect brick & stonework from weather damage and are often used to add interest & elegance to gardens or property gate areas. In many cases these beautiful sandstone pier caps provide an opportunity to add a finishing artistic touch to your projects and property. A sandstone Pier Cap can add a layer of protection to a pillar while also adding a decorative touch. Designed to sit on top of and to protect a gate, post or pillar. Check out the selection of Pier Caps that we offer.