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Pedestals are not only functional but decorative. Whether you are trying to replicate an English or Roman garden design, or adding a piece to your garden & home decor that will bring height and interest, then consider a classic or traditional pedestal. Place a stone statue piece of art on a pedestal or showcase a sandstone flowerpot, pedestals can do both. Pedestals are an architectural element that can serve so many purposes both indoors our outdoors. Our pedestals bring a value to literally any room and in many cases a pedestal is all that’s really needed, no decorative accent is necessary. Place a pedestal in a narrow or awkward corner where you can use some interest. A pedestal when tucked in patio area where there is a lot of empty space. Most styles of pedestals are gallery inspired in Classic, Baroque, Modern & Traditional designs. Use them to prop up a vase or flowerpot and balance out a room.

All pedestals come with a 2" drain hole in the center with a hallowed out center to lighten the weight. Other hole options are available.