Italian Grey Round Saucers

Terracotta and Grey Clay Pottery
$ 7.00 In stock
Italian Grey Round Saucers
Italian Grey Round Saucers
Product ID# TD184
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Made of REAL Italian Grey clay. They start with the finest clay product, fire it in a gas kiln to a hard, even-toned, compact clay and then import it to us directly from the factory in Italy.

- Imported from Italy
- Real Grey Clay

Size Price Width O.D. Height
cm11 $7.00 4.00" .50"
cm13 $10.00 5.00" .50"
cm17 $13.00 6.00" .50"
cm21 $15.00 8.00" 1.00"
cm25 $18.00 9.00" 1.00"
cm29 $24.00 10.00" 1.00"
cm31 $33.00 12.00" 1.00"
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