Phoenix Concrete Park Series Trash
$ 575.00 In stock
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Phoenix Concrete Park Series Trash
Product ID# PSWR

This Park Series, is more of a cylinder shape with it's clean, simple lines and lack of details.  This concrete trash can  is perfect for all landscaping designs. 2 great sizes means you can put different sizes in different areas.  This concrete trash receptable is long lasting,  aesthetically pleasing and super functional.  Keep areas around office, schools and outdoor venues clean by providing a place for trash to be disposed.  

- Made In America
- Colored Concrete Mix
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable
- Color Samples Available

Included Features:
- Round stainless steel lid with hole.
- Additional ring option available so that you may chain it to prevent theft.
- Round liner.
- Chain not provided.

Size Price Width Height Gallons Opening Weight
PSWR2426 $575.00 24.00" 26.00" 20 - Metal
20.50" 327 lbs
PSWR2832 $921.00 28.00" 32.00" 30 - Metal
24.25" 570 lbs
Shipping charges are determined by the weight of the order and the ship-to address. Due to the weight involved, concrete must be ordered through the phone.
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* Specialty Colors - Total order must be 675 pounds or higher
Concrete Trash Cans:
Perfect for parks, convenience stores, hotels, municipal and shopping centers. These trash & ash receptables are built to last and resists vandalism because of the weight. They offer a permanent, and attractive receptable that can be used for all types of garbage and recycling collection needs. Made of heavy duty concrete these concrete trash cans are sure to last a lifetime while looking great in even the most demanding locations. Choose from the classic "pitch-in" styles to trash containers with classic or decorative detailed patterns. Suitable for just about anywhere that would benefit from proper litter disposal. As with most concrete products, durability is a top feature. Why we are extra special is because our trash & ash bins match our outdoor concrete garden planters. By combining them you will create a cohesive, and decorative took. Arizona Pottery Outdoor Trash receptacles & smoking disposal containers come in 13 color choices and different sizes & styles.

Concrete Ash Receptacles:

Arizona Pottery ash containers hold a generous amount of sand that makes a safe cigarette disposal area. Servicing is simple with a included steel sifter. These decorative & functional cigarette butt containers provide smoker's a place to responsibly dispose of smoking materials while helping to keep spaces free from unsightly flicked cigarette butts. Arizona Pottery heavy duty cigarette butt receptacles can be positioned outside a office, hotel, municipal, gas station, campus/school or any commercial setting. Outdoor ashtrays are fixed receptacles, and made from durable materials to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide a long lasting solution. These outdoor concrete ash containers not only provide a place to extinguish cigarette butts and collect them in a safe area to reduce the risk of fire.

We offer a variety of colors to match your outdoor decor. Please allow for production time and shipping. Note that these items are non-returnable because they are a special order item