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Perfect for parks, convenience stores, and shopping centers.  These trash & ash receptables are built to last and resists vandalism because of the weight.  They offer a permanent, and attractive receptable that can be used for all types of garbage and recycling collection needs.  Made of heavy duty concrete these concrete trash cans are sure to last a lifetime while looking great in even the most demanding locations.  Choose from the classic "pitch-in" styles to trash containers with classic or decorative detailed patterns.  Suitable for just about anywhere that would benefit from proper litter disposal.  As with most concrete products, durability is a top feature.

The ash containers hold a generous amount of sand that makes a safe cigarette disposal area.  Servicing is simple.  Providing smoker's a place to responsibly dispose of smoking materials help keep spaces free from unsightly flicked cigarette butts.

We offer a variety of colors to match your outdoor decor.  Please allow for production time and shipping.  Note that these items are non-returnable because they are a special order item