#1 Rectangle Pot/Saucer Solid Red

Bright Glazed Terracotta Pottery

$ 30.00 In stock
#1 Rectangle Pot/Saucer Solid Red - Oval Flowerpots | Hand Painted Talavera | Made in Mexico | ColorfulMexican Talavera Pots, Pottery, Flowerpots, Containers | Garden Planters | Arizona Pottery
#1 Rectangle Pot/Saucer Solid Red
Product ID# TAL511
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We sell each piece separately or as a set. The set is priced at a discount!

We love our tapered rectangle flower pots. Each piece of pottery is both decorative and functional and the perfect size of a garden pot to use indoors or outdoors on a tabletop or patio table. Group them together to create a pottery display, full of colorful flowers or deep green succulents. Try filling them with different fragrant herbs and place them on a kitchen island or sunny window. Fresh potted Basil, Chives, or Mint anyone? Perfect!

Tip: We recommend if using outdoors you cover this piece with furniture wax to help retain the color and reduce crazing, however, do not expose it to freezing temperatures.
- Imported from Mexico
- High Fired Ceramic
- Hand Painted
- Drain Hole

Size Price Width Length Height
Pot $30.00 8.00" 4.00" 3.00"
Saucer $16.00 8.00" 5.00" .05"
Set Pot/Saucer $41.00

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