Concrete Warranty and Additional Information

There are 12 colors available in both natural and sandblasted finish. Refer below for more information on the different finishes. Arizona Pottery highly recommends getting color samples. Color samples will be sent out for free, only after receiving a shipping estimate. The colors Adobe, Sedona, and Buff are only available in 675 lb. batches, and every pound of unused concrete is $1.50.

All concrete products contain air pockets due to the production process. We offer 2 finishes.1.Natural finish, is how the planter looks when first removed from the manufacturing mold.2.Sandblasted finish is an added step where the outside of the pot or scupper is Sandblasted. This will alter the shade of color as lava rock is exposed from the mix. Sandblasting is an 15% upcharge.

All Scupper pool pots are sealed automatically upon purchase. Planters, can be planted without sealing, but if total waterproofness is desired, we recommend sealing of the pot INTERIOR with asphalt emulsion. (Henry’s #107 for example). If you are matching a pool scupper with a planter, know that the ALL OVER SEALER will slightly alter the shade of color, making it marginally richer in tone. The planter will need ALL OVER SEALER in order to match the pool scupper which comes sealed. There is a 15% upcharge to add sealing, or you may seal it yourself with an applicable product.

Air Entrainment
Adding additional air into the concrete mix can help with freezing temperatures, though not make it immune. This process will cause more air pockets on the exterior of the product, and will add a 5% upcharge to total cost. Cracks caused from freezing temperatures are not covered by warranty.

All Phoenix Concrete products are warrantied for one year from the date of delivery or pick-up against any manufacturing defect. Small stress cracks and surface crazing are a natural occurrence in concrete and are not covered by warranty. Damage from vandalism, misuse, fire use, saltwater pools, subfreezing temperatures or neglect is not covered by warranty. Warranty work will be performed upon receipt of all the following; one or more photo’s that display evidence of a manufacturing defect or structural failure, and original order information including sales order or invoice number.