Concrete Spheres

Precast Concrete Pots, Bowls & Planters

$ 114.00 In stock
Concrete Spheres - Concrete Garden Sphere | Made in America | 15 Color Choices | Yard Art
Concrete Spheres
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Heavy concrete spheres can be used for many things. As a decorative piece of art in your yard or garden area, block off areas where you don't want people traveling. Along the street as a barrier to keep cars away.

Our concrete garden pottery is manufactured in Arizona using the high-quality concrete mix and molding process. This secret concrete mix includes a volcanic rock harvested in Sedona, Arizona. Compact, durable, and available in 15 color choices make these planters the perfect containers for any Home & Garden project. Each mix is colored prior to pouring so any future chips will be hardly noticeable. Choose your color, your finish & your drain hole preference and we will have your planters manufactured just for you!

- Made in America
- Colored Concrete Mix
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable
- Color Samples Available
- 15% Up-charge for Sandblasted Finish
- 15% Up-charge for an all-over satin finish seal

Size Price Diameter Weight
SPH12 $114.00
76 lbs
SPH15 $215.00
143 lbs
SPH18 $305.00
252 lbs
SPH22 $395.00 487 lbs
SPH24 $447.00
535 lbs
SPH30 $806.00
1,233 lbs
SPH36 $1,209.00
1,942 lbs
SPH42 $2,014.00
3,240 lbs


Size Price Diameter Weight
HSPH12 $64.00 12" x 6"
38 lbs
HSPH18 $173.00 18" x 9"
126 lbs
HSPH24 $295.00 24" x 12"
291 lbs
HSPH36 $1,071.00 36" x 18"
1,059 lbs
HSPH42 $1,350.00 42" x 21"
1,350 lbs

Shipping charges are determined by the weight of the order and the ship-to address. Due to the weight involved, concrete must be ordered through the phone.
Call 800-420-1808 for a shipping quote.


* Specialty Colors - Total order must be 675 pounds or higher