Octagon Solid Gray
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Octagon Solid Gray - Octagon flowerpot Hand painted from Mexico.  Talavera Garden Pottery.
Octagon Solid Gray
Product ID# TAL509

Slight irregular paint finish (refer to small photo for example)
While Supplies Last

When a standard-shaped flowerpot just won't do, and you desire a unique and unusual design, we proudly introduce our octagon garden planter. Small pot feet support the planter up off the surface it is sitting on, while also adding a decorative touch to the shape of the pot. When you raise a planter up with pot feet it helps to circulate the surrounding air around it which is very healthy for all plant materials. The pot feet on this octagon plant container also make cleaning underneath it a breeze. Group these stunning flowerpots together to create the perfect landscape pottery display, full of colorful flowers, succulents, or houseplants!

Tip: We recommend if using outdoors you cover this piece with furniture wax to help retain the color and reduce crazing, however, do not expose it to freezing temperatures.

- Imported from Mexico
- High Fired Ceramic
- Hand Painted
- Drain Hole

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8.00" 8.50"
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