Sandstone Sphere
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Sandstone Sphere - Concrete Garden Sphere | Made in America | 15 Color Choices | Yard Art
Sandstone Sphere
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Heavy sandstone spheres can be used for many things. As a decorative piece of art in your yard or garden area, block off areas where you don't want people traveling. Along the street as a barrier to keep cars away. We love them tucked under a tree or bush where their color adds beauty to the area. Placed in a bare corner of the yard they add a touch of interest where there usually isn't one. Artistic & Decorative!

Our reconstituted stone containers are hand cast using a dry mix technique that incorporates concrete. Smooth, velvety finish and texture - these planters are truly a piece of art as well as a functioning piece of garden pottery. Used in Europe for centuries, dry cast stone has proven itself to be durable and high-quality pottery.

- Made in America
- Dry Mix Sandstone
- With or Without a Drain Hole
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable
- Color Samples Available

Size Price Diameter Weight
NSPH10 $93.00 10.00" 35 lbs
NSPH12 $146.00 12.00" 60 lbs
NSPH18 $339.00 18.00" 220 lbs
NSPH24 $501.00 24.00" 510 lbs
NSPH30 $764.00 30.00" 925 lbs
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