Sandstone Olympic Box Tall

Sandstone Pottery

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Sandstone Olympic Box Tall
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This "Olympic" planter is tall and oblique shaped. With sharp corners and a tapered body, this is both contemporary and clean. With no wide lip at the opening and very clean streamlined sides, this garden pot is perfect against a patio wall where you need a decorative touch. Line these tall garden containers up, plant them with palms or evergreens and create a privacy screen for the porch or patio. Perfect for a traditional or European landscape project. From small to large this oblique vase will hold colorful flowers, shrubs, palms, or trees.

- Made in America
- Dry Mix Sandstone
- With or Without a Drain Hole
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable
- Color Samples Available
- All planters come with plastic pads or 1" x 1" x 2" pot feet dependent on total weight.

Size Price Top Base Height
NOBT15 $230.00 15.00"x 15.00" 11.00"x 11.00" 26.00"
NOBT19 $383.00 19.00"x 19.00" 14.00"x 14.00" 32.00"
NOBT23 $621.00 23.00"x 23.00" 17.00"x 17.00" 38.00"
NOBT27 $783.00 27.00"x 27.00" 20.00"x 20.00" 44.00"
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These reconstituted stone containers are hand cast using a dry mix technique that incorporates concrete. Smooth, velvety finish and texture - these planters are truly a piece of art as well as a functioning piece of garden pottery. Used in Europe for centuries, dry cast stone has proven itself to be durable and high-quality pottery. Manufactured by Nichols Bros Stoneworks, you know you are getting quality garden pottery, containers & planters using the finest materials & high-quality workmanship.

By using our cast stone containers and patio planters you will get lovely styles with great functional features. Cast stone concrete simulates the look of natural cut stone and the finish and color selection will compliment all the elements of your landscape and home. Each sandstone garden pottery will provide value while adding the decorative touch most garden decor doesn't offer. Each cast stone garden planters begin in a mold where an experienced artisan applies his top-notch ability to make sure the finished pottery or container is made by the highest industry standards.

Nichols Bros Stoneworks has been manufacturing the highest quality reconstituted stone garden planters for over 20 years. Nichols Bros Stoneworks makes superb sandstone containers and garden ornaments in both traditional and contemporary designs. At Nichols Bros Stoneworks, they add new sizes and styles to expand the line of garden planters so they can meet and exceed all your landscape decor needs. The urns and garden vases they handcraft are equally at home in commercial setting, municipal projects, malls and of course family homes. Exquisite as these garden planters and pots are the Nichols Bros Stoneworks planters are crafted to function beautifully as well. In Europe, dry cast stone has been around for centuries and has proven to be durable, attractive and high-quality planters and a great alternative to terra cotta, plastic or metal planters. The natural cast stone gives it a number of advantages for use in the garden and architectural applications.

Nichols Bros Stoneworks hand cast these garden planters using centuries-old dry cast techniques combined with modern technology and ingredients to increase strength and durability. Arizona Pottery offers this line of vases, planters, urns, cubes, rectangles and garden bowls. Available in 5 color choices. Made in America.