Italian Terracotta Rose Pot

Terracotta and Grey Clay Pottery
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Italian Terracotta Rose Pot - Made in Italy | Real Terracotta Garden Pottery | Tall Bell Flowerpot | Clay
Italian Terracotta Rose Pot
Product ID# CL6003
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These fantastic pots have been discontinued. They are tall, pre-sealed from the factory in Italy and have NO drain hole so they can be used without a saucer. Place indoors or outdoors filled with lovely cut flowers. Daisies, daffodils, tulips, gladioli and of course roses. Our rose pots have been discontinued from the factory and we are very sorry to see them go.


- Imported from Italy
- Real Terracotta Clay
- No Drain Hole

Size Price Width Height
4 $5.99 SALE
$10.00 Reg
4.00" 4.00"
12 $15.99 SALE
$30.00 Reg
7.00" 12.00"
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