Italian Terracotta Smooth Windowbox

Terracotta and Grey Clay Pottery
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Italian Terracotta Smooth Windowbox - Rectangle Windowbox Terracotta Garden Planter | Made in Italy | Pottery
Newly imported from Italy, clay flower pot windowbox garden planter that is generous in size and made of real red terracotta clay Red terracotta clay window box garden rectangle imported from italy.  Smooth clay finish and stunning sun baked colored planters pots pottery
Italian Terracotta Smooth Windowbox
Product ID# TD171
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This is a simple rectangle garden window box planter. The sides are plain with a rolled rim opening at the top.  This makes them blend in with all kinds of home and garden decor.  Made in Italy using sun-baked colored terracotta clay and fired in a gas kiln using the highest quality workmanship and production process.

Did you know that a square or rectangle window box planter is hard to make? This is because a square corner can have issues during the firing process that cause fire cracks and damaged corners. So many factories shy away from producing real clay window boxes or rectangle garden containers out of clay.  Our terracotta rectangle boxes are uniform and perfect every time.

From small to very long you have a wide choice of sizes to select from. Place them on a window ledge, around a patio railing, along a porch perimeter.  Fill with colorful flowers, succulents, bulbs, or grow your own veggies, herbs, or spices.  Italian made, wonderfully decorative, and many sizes to choose from. You couldn't ask for more when looking for the perfect terracotta clay flower box.

- Imported from Italy
- Real Terracotta Clay
- Drain Holes

Size Price Length Width Height
cm32 $48.00 13.00" 5.75" 6.50"
cm42 $66.00 16.75" 7.00" 7.75"
21.50" 7.50" 8.50"
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