Italian Grey Vaso Cone

Terracotta and Grey Clay Pottery
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Italian Grey Vaso Cone - Gray Clay Flowerpot | Made in Italy | Real Gray Clay | Garden Pot
Italian Grey Vaso Cone
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We love these grey graphite cone-shaped garden planters. It is rare you see grey, let alone a grey clay that is produced out of Italy. The Italians are known for their red terracotta pottery and this is an updated more contemporary offering. Grey clay is very unique and absolutely fabulous. The outside has a subtle textured finish and is not smooth to the touch like the terracotta pots.

This garden planter has tapered sides giving the flowerpot a cone shape. This assures you will have plenty of room when selecting your plant materials. Lots of flowers, evergreen plants, or a small tree will all fit nicely in this design.

Produced in a time-honored process these are the highest quality graphite clay containers we sell. Made with graphite grey clay using an Eco-friendly process make these flowerpots are the perfect garden item.

- Imported from Italy
- Real Graphite Grey Clay
- Drain Hole

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