Olla - Water Pots
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Olla  - Water Pots
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Olla - Water Pots
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An ancient form of plant irrigation, Ollas act as a submersed self-watering system that can remove the need to water every day, and will keep soil damp right where it is needed most. A small opening on top can be nicely hidden within lush foliage, providing a near unseen aid to help during vacations. How often they need to be refilled depends on multiple factors including how dry your environment is. On average it is 5-10 days between top-offs. While a small lid can be made by a rock or more decorative object, it is generally not needed.

Care is borderline nonexistent, but should you live in a region that drops to below freezing temperatures you will need to remove the Olla, clean off with a stiff brush and store dry. If water is within the terracotta when it freezes, they will deteriorate and even crack which removes the water retaining qualities.

Plant your Olla right in the center of the area you wish to irrigate, and place your plants around it. If you want to get fancy, place heavy drinkers closer to the Olla, and more drought-tolerant on the furthest edges.

- Made in the United States
- Real Terracotta Clay

Name Size Price Width Height
R1-Gooseneck 1/2 qt $16.00 3.50" 5.50"
B1-Acorn 3/4 qt $18.00 5.00" 7.00"
B2-Bottle 3/4 qt $18.00 4.00" 7.00"
W2-Butternut 1 1/4 qt $25.00 4.00" 11.00"
Y1-Calabaza 1/2 Gallon $28.00 7.00" 8.00"
BK-Pumpkin 1 Gallon $33.00 9.00" 10.00"
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