Hex Pot Solid Red

Bright Glazed Terracotta Pottery

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Hex Pot Solid Red - Glazed Red Hexagon shaped flowerpot, garden container, small pottery
Hex Pot Solid Red
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At Arizona Pottery we are always searching for unique and different flowerpots, planters, and pottery. Well, we think we have found a great planter here with our Hex flowerpot. What is a Hexagon you ask? It means it has 6 sides to it which we find amazing and really beautiful. From every angle, these planters look lovely.

Glazed with bold bright, high shine colors, these planters will go with all home and garden decor. Fill with colorful flowers, garden bulbs, deep green succulents, or spiky cactus. Great for patio or porch tables, a windowsill, or fireplace mantel. Mix and match colors, sizes, and styles to create a delightful display that is not only dazzling but functional.

Use indoors or outdoors but please don't expose to freezing temperatures.

- Imported from Mexico
- High Fired Ceramic
- With Drain Hole

Size Price Width Height
4.5 $16.00 4.50" 4.00"
6 $23.00 6.00" 5.50"
7.5 $32.00 7.50" 6.50"
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