Standard Flowerpot Lime

Bright Glazed Terracotta Pottery

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Standard Flowerpot Lime
Standard Flowerpot Lime
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Maybe you just want a plain flowerpot with some bright and bold color on it. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy just a standard shaped flowerpot that is functional and a bit decorative. Well this planter is the answer to all your needs. This basic flowerpot shape has a large wide rim at the top which is subtle and yet decorative. The bold colors that these planters come in make them perfect for most interior decorating and home and gardens. Each planter is small enough to sit on a table, a ledge or how about your office desk? Drop a small potted plant inside and there is no need to even plant directly into them. Once the plant is spent just pop it out and put in a new one. These standard shaped garden planters are the work horse of the pottery industry. Add a set of 3 to your pottery collection.

- Imported from Mexico
- High Fired Ceramic
- With Drain Hole

Size Price Width Height
#4 $9.00 5.00" 5.00"
#7 $16.00 6.50" 7.00"
#9 $24.00 9.00" 8.50"
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