Sub-Irrigation System - Square
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Sub-Irrigation System - Square
Product ID# PR202

These Sub-Irrigation Systems allow you to turn a variety of containers into self-watering planters with ease. While they are built for our Lightweight Poly-Resin planters, they are not limited to just that and can be comfortably installed in any gardening planter that can contain water. Porous materials such as terracotta, black clay, stone wear, or glazed pottery need to be sealed on the inside and have the drain holes plugged if you wish to use this system.

To use, apply a layer of gravel to the bottom of the planter, and then cover with a sheet of landscaping cloth. Be sure to make the cloth larger than needed, so that it folds up slightly on the inside. This keeps the dirt from slipping down the sides and filling the water reservoir, making a muddy mess. After the cloth is in place, put the Sub-Irrigation System on top. From here, you just fill and plant using a planting media that is high in peat moss.

After you plant, be sure to water manually for a few weeks, to allow the plants enough time to grow their roots down to the watering system. After an appropriate time frame depending on your particular type of plants, you can rely on the Sub-Irrigation System.

- Made in America
- Fill tube is 24" or 42", but can be custom cut.
- Fill Tube has cap to keep dirt out.
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable

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