Frank Lloyd Wright Cleaning & Care Page

Cleaning & Care of Frank Lloyd Wright Garden Planters

Our Frank Lloyd Wright sandstone garden containers are manufactured using a dry cast stone material that ages and behaves much like cut sandstone. You will find that it will age or patina very gracefully. Due to its natural porosity, mosses, lichen, and algae will find the material a great place to live and within a few years, your sandstone products will look aged. If this is a look that you find desirable, applying a wash of yogurt, beer, and moss to the outside of the surface of the stone and then keeping the stone wet can accelerate it.

If you would like to keep your Frank Lloyd Wright concrete garden planters looking as new as possible, applying a clear stone waterproofing sealant to the exterior of the garden pottery will prevent the growth of vegetation. Use caution if using any type of stone cleanser. We offer the option of a sealer applied to the outside for a nominal fee.

Our Frank Lloyd Wright garden containers and pottery are capable of withstanding freezes without damage. It is possible for water to saturate the root and soil and freeze it. This will expand and fracture the sandstone container from the inside out. For this reason, care should be taken with the concrete planters in areas where the temperature gets very cold to prevent this from occurring. In many cases where the Frank Lloyd Wright garden pottery is subjected to wide extremes in temperatures, you may notice the development of small hairline cracks in the stone. These are normal and due to expansion and contraction of the walls of the concrete garden planters, are part of the naturally occurring aging process. Some of these weathering can be minimized by placing the containers where they will not be in the direct sun or near sprinklers that may cool them off rapidly when hot. With our Frank Lloyd Wright Garden Planters, care should be taken not to wet the stone down with cold water when the stone is hot as this may cause cracking.

Frank Lloyd Wright's garden planters, urn, & vases are impressive in design, top-notch in construction and super functional. Each style of planter comes in 3 generous sizes that can be placed in most landscape applications. Many of these planters are large enough to hold a large green shrub or palm without any root issues. All of the Frank Lloyd Wright garden planters are dramatically beautiful and will become a piece of art in the yard or patio areas of your home.