Frank Lloyd Wright Installation Page

Installation Tips for Frank Lloyd Wright Garden Planters

Certainly the most famous, and perhaps the most prolific of America's architects, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed over 800 structures during the course of his professional years. Plants looked more lovely, he claimed, when presented in the context of the clean geometric shapes of a building and it's extensions. His majestic garden planters made greenery a permanent part of each facade. As with all other ornamental furnishings, he designed these urns himself as strong finishing elements to his structures..... each one specific to its particular context. Since 1997, our manufacturer Nichols Bros. Stoneworks has been the exclusive licensed manufacturer of these exquisite garden containers. Each piece is assigned a numbered Frank Lloyd Wright signature plaque to distinguish its place in the Frank Lloyd Wright Stoneware collection. We know you will enjoy your purchase and want to thank you again for your business!

Freight Delivery:
Since each Frank Lloyd Wright Garden Planter is crated for shipping they will be transported by a Freight company. Each shipment is scheduled for a delivery appointment. This is so you are available to meet the freight truck, inspect the delivery & sign for it. The freight company will contact you one day in advance to schedule the delivery of the garden planters. This is the time to let them know if there are any obstacles like low hanging trees, dead-end streets, long driveways, etc. Once the truck arrives it will unload the crate to the ground and move it within 10 feet of the back of the truck. They will not place or install any of the Frank Lloyd Wright garden planters or statuary. Before signing for the delivery you must inspect the outside of the crate and packing materials looking for any possible damages or torn wrapping. If you see damage please note it on the delivery receipt before signing. We have included a Freight Document with your invoice that will go into more detail. If you still have questions please contact us at 800-420-1808 since this step in the delivery process if vital.

Items needed: Hammer, Wedge or Crow Bar, Scissors When 2 or more planters on ordered they usually come stacked. We request you to start with the top crate, unload it and then proceed with the bottom portion. Next, remove only the wooden diagonal plants that cross the side. Do Not remove or cut the vertical support plants. They should remain intact to support the crate until unloading is complete. Do not remove the bottom diagonal plants until the top receptacle is unloaded. The top board can be removed with a hammer or crowbar. The best way to remove the nailed plants is to use a crowbar to pry. Once all the wood is removed the need to unload the top planter you may remove the plastic shrink wrap. Remove the outer layer but keep the inner layer on till installation is complete. Then remove.

Make sure the area to place the planter is level. To ensure proper drainage these garden planters are elevated approx 3cm with rubber planter feet. Four to six will arrive with the planter. Adhere to them using clear water-based silicone. All to dry before proceeding. Note: find the Frank Lloyd Wright Signature plaque on the side of the garden planter and position it to the front. Use a waterproof silicone to attach the pieces. Any oozing can be wiped off. If you need more detailed instructions we can put you in contact with the factory. Please call 800-420-1808

Frank Lloyd Wright Reproduction Garden Planters, Urns & Containers offer exceptional designs for landscapers, homeowners & gardeners. Take caution when installing these planters so as not to incur any damages. When installed correctly we know that you will truly love and admire these beautiful garden planters for many years to come.

Frank Lloyd Reproduction Garden Planter Features: As many people start to downsize they are looking for ways to add beauty to their home or garden areas without taking up a lot of space. That is where container gardening comes into play. When choosing a container for your landscape needs why not purchase a stunningly beautiful piece that looks like art in the garden or yard area and is still functional. These Frank Lloyd Wright garden planters are perfect for that application. The design factors of the planters are unique & stunningly beautiful. They have stood the test of time and are still as popular today as when they were first designed. With a variety of sizes and color choices, they fit all landscape applications and designs.

As you already know concrete is a durable and long-lasting product. Perfect for garden pottery that you expect to display for years to come. The cast stone process using the dry tap method has enabled Nichols Brothers Stoneware to create extremely durable concrete garden planters, urns & containers. Freeze-thaw cracking is no longer a concern. The durability of these garden containers is well known in the garden pottery industry and we know you will very please for years to come. By placing these unique designer planters around your home you are increasing its value and beauty. As they patina naturally they become more beautiful and take on an aged look. If you prefer you can clean them to maintain their original appearance. We know you will love these garden treasures and hope that you enjoy the awesome beauty they will add to your home.