Poly Resin Low Cylinder

Lightweight Poly Resin Garden Pottery & Planters

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Poly Resin Low Cylinder
Product ID# PR113

Our Riverside plastics low cylinder resin garden planter does everything the rolled rim cylinder planter does only in a shorter form. When you are planting succulents, cactus, or colorful garden flowers that don't have long root systems a low profile lightweight cylinder planter will work perfectly.  These outdoor low cylinder garden planters come large enough to plant big shrubs, small palms, or other plant materials that need a wide low durable garden planter. The decorative rolled rim lip at the opening of this high quality garden pottery along with two bands really adds a decorative touch.  Mix & match sizes and colors of this slightly textured, modern planter to create a complimentary decor to your porch, patio, deck or entryway.  Outdoor resin planters at their best!

- Made In The U.S.A by Riverside Plastics
- Commercial Grade Polyethylene recyclable
- UV inhibited protecting color fading up to 10 years.
- Recommended for interior or exterior use - regardless of climate
- With or Without Drain Hole
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable
- Color Samples Available

Size Price Top O.D. Top I.D. Base I.D. Depth
$46.00 9.25" 7.25" 7.00" 4.25"
LOC15 $63.00 15.50" 13.50" 13.00" 10.00"
LOC19 $116.00 19.25" 16.50" 16.00" 12.00"
LOC23 $160.00 23.00" 20.25" 20.00" 12.00"
LOC27 $221.00 27.25" 24.25" 23.50" 13.00"
LOC32 $373.00 31.75" 28.00" 28.00" 14.50"
LOC37 $504.00 37.00" 31.00" 30.00" 14.50"
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Size Saucer
LOC15 SA14
LOC19 SA20
LOC23 SA22
LOC27 SA27
LOC32 SA33
LOC37 SA37

This commercial-grade, poly resin planter is the perfect solution when you want a lightweight product manufactured using high-quality materials, creative workmanship, all Made in America by Riverside Plastics. Most plastic pots will fade, warp, and crack over time. Our Riverside Plastics outdoor poly resin planters will not fade, chip, crack, warp, or break. Because of the slightly textured finish, once these polyresin lightweight pots are planted, no one will know that they are plastic. They are available in extra-large sizes because they are molded and need no kiln firing like    a clay or glaze pot. Available in 32 colors means the possibilities are limitless. Preferred by landscape designers, decorators & architects. Perfect for inexpensive shipping fees!

Riverside Plastics, is a third generation, family owned and operated business founded in 1987 by Clarence and Sharon Roy. Their legacy continues to serve the landscape and agriculture industries through continual product development to fit the specific needs of their clients. Their product line, 30 years in the making, is continually growing to keep up with the every-changing needs of a world-wide market. Riverside Plastics uses all virgin material ensuring a strong, durable resin product. The colorant and plastic itself is UV inhibited protecting your planter again fading for up to 10 years. All resin outdoor planters are rotationally molded, with eliminates seams, creating a stronger product. All plastic used is recyclable.

When you desire a garden planter that is not only lightweight but manufactured using the highest quality materials, then look no further than our commercial grade Poly Resin landscape pottery and saucers. When size is needed in a garden planter and you can't find a large enough pot in glazed or clay you must go to a product that is poured into a mold and formed and needs no kiln firing. From small to HUGE sizes these lovely home and garden resin pots & planters come in 32 colors, making them the perfect choice for all landscape projects and home and garden needs.  These large polyethylene containers will work with most outdoor decor.

Do you live in an apartment or condo where weight is an issue for the decorative planters you want to use on the balcony? Our Riverside Plastic resin outdoor planters comes in really huge sizes that are weightless.  Concerned about shipping charges, then shop for a durable lightweight resin planter that is easy to ship and easy to move around. We sell the best lightweight home and garden pottery that is not only Made in U.S.A but ships nationwide, whether it's commercial or residential.

Versatile  |  Huge Sizes  |  No Breakage  |  No Warping  |  No Cracking or Chipping  |  No Fading | Made in U.S.A

The unique surface of these resin outdoor planters provides the look and feel of clay pots but made of a strong, durable, polyethylene. You can expose them to a wide range of temperature extremes with no adverse effect.  These lightweight resin planters have been used around the world in many different climates.  Arizona Pottery is proud to offer these best selling, long lasting, super durable lightweight resin outdoor planters.  We think you will love them as much as we do.