Pot Toes Packs
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Pot Toes Packs
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These economical pot toes slide under a garden planter or flowerpot and lift it off your deck, patio or porch to prevent wood rot or staining.  Suitable for most sizes of garden planters, the low profile spacers can be stacked where a greater lift is required.  Made of a tough, weatherproof plastic that will not break or chip.

You will need 3 for most pots and 4 for square or rectangle garden planters and window boxes.  Once a flowerpot is lifted it provides better air circulation. This means it's healthier for the plant and the plant's root systems. Lifts up to 500 lbs.  

Easy to use
Just slide under your pottery
If you require more height, they are stackable.
They work for all shapes and sizes of pots.
Better air circulation around your pots.
Levels pots on sloping walkways and patios
Adjustable height.
Made of highly durable plastic
Weather resistant
3 per container is recommended

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6 feet
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12 feet
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Any time you provide better air flow around and underneath your garden pottery and planters, the roots of plant materials benefit. Better air, better plant growth and more beautiful pottery flowers, succulents and green plants. We sell decorative pot feet like birds, frogs and cats. Pot toes, Pottery Risers and Pot Pads come in sets, perfect for all your garden pottery and planters. The best garden pottery accessory is pot feet, pottery risers, pot toes, or pot pads.

At Arizona Pottery we love pot feet not only because they serve a functional purpose but because they are decorative and a beautiful addition to your landscape and outdoor decor.  That is why we sell so many styles.  The Arizona Pottery scrunchy pot feet look like little animals that are struggling to hold up your landscape planter.  Sweet and playful.  Then we have a best selling Angel, Buddha, Frog, Lion, Cat, Doggy Rear End and so many more styles to choose from.  Why not add a set to your outdoor garden planters and see how lovely and helpful they are!