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Create this wonderful window box planter!
Window box garden planters are a great way to display colorful flowers and lush green plants. However, they all look the same. Here are a few suggestions for creating the planter shown with our Italian Roman Rectangle.

Poolscaping Basics!
Like a frame around a picture, the landscape that surrounds a pool can really enhance its beauty. By adding some colorful flowers and greenery, all packaged in a stunning glazedplanter,will not only look stunning but add some softness to the overall feel.
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Growing vegetables in containers?

If limited time, space, budget or physical mobility are keeping you from enjoying homegrown veggies, then container gardening might be right up your alley. Plant a few pots, and you could soon be enjoying the juicy pleasures of fresh-picked tomatoes, the satisfying crunchiness of homegrown carrots, or her tasty favorites.
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What do you think of metal containers?

Yes, you can use a tin can, or garbage can but we think a metal container that is made especially for your garden is hard to beat.These new containers come in a basic rusted metal that looks lovely when placed in your yard.Over time the rust will harden and calcify and the finish will become very durable.But for those who want something with a little more garden shine – try one of the new powder coated finishes.We have 12 colors to choose from.The color sphere ranges from Bronze to Forest, from Granite to Root.The durability factor is fantastic and the colors add a lot of character.
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Welcome Wildlife....

Many gardeners fill bird feeders with seeds, nuts, and suet, and place birdhouses, nesting boxes and bird feeders in their yard or garden areas and hope to attract hummingbirds and butterflies along with native birds from the area. We have seen everything from a empty terracotta pot saucer filled with water to an elaborate multi-tiered birdbath. It really is a personal preference when it comes to the types of containers to use to attract these animals. We just have a few suggestions to guarantee that no matter what you use your outcome will be the same.
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Put up a Strawberry Jar....

Purchase the largest strawberry jar or pocket pot that you can find. More room means more juicy berries for your morning cereal or dinner shortcake!
Even if you don't have a yard but live in an apartment or condo, you can grow a strawberry or herb garden. these are great for creating a non-stop supply of berries for snacking or herbs to cut as needed right outside your kitchen window.
The steps to planting in these types of pots are very simple.
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Balancing a landscape's energy....

This may sound strange, but when I visit a landscape for the first time, I perform a kind of energy audit on the site. No, I am not talking about the efficient use of electrical energy. What I look for are the forces - their direction and magnitude - that radiate from the site.
A weeping cherry tree, for example, has energy that starts high and moves outward and downward. A deck that is cantilevered off the end of a house has strong energy that moves away, into the landscape. A classical statue sits happily, its energy balanced and complete.
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The Antioxidant Garden....

Step into your own backyard and dig into a garden full of flavor!
Get a bumper crop of heart-healthy nutrition from your garden by planting a colorful variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Nutrient rich produce offers more than fresh picked flavor. Goods from the garden also container the heart-healthy benefits of powerful disease-fighting compounds known as antioxidants. If you have only a small space, use containers to grow an array of antioxidants-rich ingredients for your salad bowls and dinner plates.
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Dream gardening without a budget....
What would you do if you could decorate around your home, plant a garden, update your landscape and do it all without a budget????
Below are some things that people said they would do. Read them and see if you agree with any of these ideas.

A. Invest in great garden tools - shovels, pruners, gloves - that would last for years so you wouldn't have to replace them every season.
B. Buy new planters every year so you would always look updated and stylish by planting in the new designs that are shown every year.
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No Pond?....

If you have a container that can hold water, like this poly resin planter to the left, you can have a water garden!

Few things are certain when it comes to gardening: A sun loving plant will do poorly in shade. An agave won't survive in Minnesota winter. Deer will eat your hostas. Here is another one: Water improves a garden. I'm not talking about giving you plants a drink. I am referring to ponds and water features. Water in the garden never goes unnoticed. Adding a water bowl instantly creates a peaceful feeling and says that there is something special and distinct about the place
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Choosing a container....

The first step in turning your container gardening ideas into a reality is choosing the garden planter or container that you want to use. Please choose the planter before purchasing the plant. To guarantee great success you must make sure the planter is large enough to accommodate the new plants root system or that is correctly sized to replace an existing pot that needs re-potting. Arizona Pottery provides a wide selection of pottery choices. Everything from terracotta, ceramic, fiberglass, poly resin all the way to concrete and sandstone. Let's look at each of these options in more detail.......
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Does gravel improve pot drainage...

It is a well known fact that plants like good drainage. If water sits around plant roots for an extended period of time, root rot will happen. Root rot could potentially even kill the plant. To prevent this, some gardeners cover the bottom of the container with gravel, shards of broken pottery, and other materials that are nonabsorbent. In theory they are hoping that the excess water will drain out of the planter, keeping the plant roots moist but not wet. Well, here is the real story as written by Jeff Gillman, an associate professor in the Department of Horticultural Science at University of Minnesota......
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Ollas? Oh, Yeah!

What is an Olla? Olla (pronounced oh-ya)gardening is an ancient method of drip irrigation. Irrigation by ollas "results in almost 100% of applied irrigation water being absorbed by the plants." - Curtis Smith - Extension Horticulture Specialist NMSW.
Ancient agrarian cultures living in or near deserts have used olla gardening methods for millennia. Thought to have originated in Northern Africa and brought to the Americas by the conquistadors, archaeologists have found ollas in western China and ancient Rome. Curious how to use an olla? Fill the...
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Organic Gardens help fight Global Warming....

Your backyard organic garden may hold the key to preventing global warming.
Research at the Rodale Institute have learned that organic soils trap atmospheric carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, and converts it to carbon, a key component of healthy soil.
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Ultimate outdoor rooms....

In regions where mild weather beckons nearly all year, outdoor living spaces are a natural complement to any lifestyle.If you live in a colder climate don’t let the weather discourage you from creating an outdoor room to enjoy. Many people are ditching unused lawn and replacing it with a furnished outdoor room.You can expand an existing patio and add a fireplace or create a new space and use a fire pit.To create a focal point from indoors as well as the backyard, add a fire feature, large pots with planted evergreen bushes or fruit trees and comfortable furniture.
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