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Arizona Pottery is your one-stop resource for many types of clay pots & garden pottery from all over the world

Clay pot, terra cotta pot importers are rarely found on the web. Arizona pottery is the largest garden pot importer that you'll find. Choose a ceramic or clay garden pot or a planter pot today to match the rest of your backyard terracotta accessories.

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Most of our clay garden pottery is imported from countries like, Italy, China, Vietnam and Mexico. All clay garden pottery you purchase from us is well suited for both indoors and outdoors.

A terra cotta pot is considered a clay garden pot but there are many differences between the two. For example, sometimes a clay pot is high fired which makes it a ceramic pot. Other times the terra cotta is low fired so the clay flower pot will breathe. A clay garden planter is better for a plants root system. But, a clay garden pot that has been high fired will wear longer like a ceramic flower pot or garden planter.

A ceramic pot holds its structure without showing wear or tear. Unlike a ceramic pot, a terra cotta clay pot will deteriorate over time. This makes the clay pot will look aged. This age sometimes adds to the beauty of the clay pot or garden pot. A planter pot is a clay pot or ceramic pot that has a rectangular or square shape. Planter pots are usually not round shaped.

Terracotta flower pots and terra cotta garden pots are both well liked by professional gardeners and landscapers. They know that a clay garden pot will produce a healthier garden plant then a concrete garden planter. Our terra cotta comes to us from Italy and Mexico and are made using the best terracotta clay to form the garden planters with. The terracotta clay is a beautiful sun baked color that make all clay garden planters look beautiful. Our terra cotta clay from Italy is a smooth feeling, hard packed terracotta clay that forms a wonderful clay garden pot. The Mexican terracotta clay, has a rough feel to it and is not a dark colored terra cotta clay. It is a light colored clay that makes stunning garden planters, window boxes and landscape containers.

When looking for a clay pot you will want something durable. For a long lasting product that retains its beauty we recommend a terra cotta, garden, ceramic or planter pot from Arizona Pottery. Because, imports lovely terra cotta clay garden pots and clay garden planters that are the highest quality, we think you will find everything you need when it comes to home and garden landscape decor.

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