Landscape design, architect and experienced landscape designer are a few of our credentials. If you are a landscaper or someone working with a landscape contractor you've came to the right place. Furthermore, if you're looking for a variety of pots, pottery and terra cotta, then you've also came to the right place. We are the backyard landscape company that can help you out.

We have provided customers with superior products for both small and large yards. Whether you need your back or front yard landscaped, we can supply you with everything that they need.
Most of our designs include a section for planting materials. We are proud to offer landscaper friendly supplies and imported pottery. This means you or your landscape contractor will find everything from Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Concrete, and Italian pottery you seek. All of our backyard landscape pots and landscape design materials will please any architect .

We understand that you want your landscape design to be unique. This is why we import most of our products. Be assured that our pots will satisfy your landscape architect and landscape designer's vision. Our plans will make any competing landscape contractor jealous. We are experienced at backyard landscape, and this is why we remain the premier pottery supplier and landscape company on the web.

At we have a trained staff of landscape designs professionals who can help you find the perfect garden pottery and planters for any landscape decor need.  We work with landscape architects, landscape designers, landscape professionals and other landscaping decorators.  At Arizona Pottery we like to get involved in the early planning stages of design where you want the most cost effective, perfect home and garden planters.  We help you in the design of garden landscaping planters to see if you want durable concrete window boxes or planters or lightweight plastic garden pottery.  When it comes to commercial landscape needs we have very large clay garden containers or ceramic garden pottery that is huge.  If you or your professional landscape designer wants lightweight plastic container that will hold large palm trees or evergreen trees, Arizona Pottery has them.   

When you landscape designer is working out a design we at Arizona Pottery want that process of selecting the commercial planters and pots to be as easy as possible. We provide freight quotes for the shipping of all of these large garden containers so you will have firm numbers when making your choices.

At Arizona Pottery we really do what to help you make the design and planning process of your home and garden, residential or commercial pottery needs to be smooth and enjoyable.  Call Arizona Pottery today at 1-800-420-1808

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