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Round, Square, Rectangle, our pot saucers come in stylish shapes and sizes. Place the saucer underneath your clay pots to catch water runoff, keeping your deck or patio area dry. Sized right, a saucer should generally be able to be turned upside down to make a lid for your planter. Available in Poly Resin, Italian Terracotta, Glazed and more.
Use pot feet to keep your gardening products up off the ground while simultaneously adding style and charm. They not only look nice, but also make it easier to clean under and around your garden pots, making maintenance a breeze. Raise a pot saucer or the planter itself up and create a better environment for healthier plants.
Instead of using clunky river rocks or an abundance of soil that can make a planter overly heavy, consider using pot filler instead. Our pot filler is made of 100% recyclable materials that help keep the soil in place, and allows for better drainage. Easy to cut and trim to size with scissors, it can be put in small and large planters alike.

Large pottery can be a huge statement, but have you considered how you will lift heavy pots once purchased? Consider the Pot Lifter. This gadget really works, and has been a best seller for years. Can be used on more than just pottery too, from rootballs, to propane tanks, logs, stones, and garbage cans. Save your back, use a Pot Lifter.