Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale Inquires


Would you be interested in selling our garden planters, pot accessories, pool scuppers, watering ollas and seasonal items in your Retail store or to your landscape design customer?

If you are searching for the newest pottery containers, not seen at your local garden center or limited by your local nursery, how about the latest in colored clay & advance manufacturing processes then Arizona Pottery has what you are seeking.  We work closely with our manufacturers for new styles, new colors, seasonal items and more.  We try to bring all of them together in this one central location so that you will know where to come for all your pottery needs.

We sell to re-sellers, landscapers, designers, nurseries, garden center and landscape architects.

Please click on the link below and fill out our enrollment form. Usually within 24 hours your information will be verified and you will be issued an email providing you with a log in and password. Once you log in.  you will be directed to a page with all information & documents required to start purchasing.

Please refer any questions to 1-800-420-1808