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Animal Garden Statues are the perfect solution when you want to add a decorative touch to your yard, garden, porch or patio areas.  Arizona Pottery offers the sweetest birds, cats, dogs, farm animal and frog garden statues that make wonderful gifts for any occasion.  Each animal statue has intricate details that will make them come alive.  Guests will do a double take when they see your animal statues peaking out from under a shrub.  
A Garden Bench is a must for any backyard or garden area.  Create a comfortable and decorative place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea in solitude.  Place a bench around a firepit or in a pool area where you don't have to worry about weather or wind disturbing them.  These are well made, inexpensive and durable benches that add a decorative touch as well as function to your home and garden areas.  
No yard would be complete without a birdbath.  Create a sanctuary for your feather friends where they can come to bath or cool off from the summers heat.  When not in use you can fill the birdbath with seed and create a feeding safe space.  In the winter months we love garden birdbaths filled with evergreens and candles which create a stunning outdoor display.  Look no further then the Arizona Pottery decorative home and garden birdbaths offered at a discounted price.

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