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Vietnamese Black Clay Pottery

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Black Clay Garden Pottery is made by the ancient tradition of pottery manufacturing in Vietnam; it is considered one of the hardest clay planters available. This handmade pottery is produced using clay harvested off the Vietnamese river bottoms. Each plant container is high fired ensuring a hard clay pot that holds up to the toughest weather conditions. The color of each black clay garden planter will vary because each is individually handmade. The colors of these beautiful planter containers look like a very dark chocolate brown and the finish is like an eggshell. The finish of each garden planter will depend on where each piece of pottery is located in the kiln during the firing process. All black clay garden pottery is frost resistant. Known in the pottery industry for being durable and functional, these clay garden pots come in very large sizes. Each container is so decorative that they can be displayed as a piece of garden art. Vietnamese planters are desired by landscapers, homeowners, and decorators.
Old Stone pottery is handmade in Vietnam, these garden planters are made of a clay that is treated by sandblasting, to give it a rustic, weathered finish that is very natural looking. Our old stone Vietnamese planters are textured and rough to the touch and look almost volcanic. This unique finish gives each old stone planter a one of a kind almost ancient feel that will bring an elegant look to your patio or garden area. Fired to extreme temperatures in a traditional wood-burning kilns means variations in color and a hard durable finish. All are frost resistant. Use these stunning Vietnamese garden planters, urns & cigar jars when you want a look that is unique and stone like.