Poly Resin Rolled Rim Cylinder

Lightweight Poly Resin Garden Pottery

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Poly Resin Rolled Rim Cylinder - Huge Lightweight Cylinder Garden Pottery & Planters | Poly Resin Made in America | 32 Colors | Ships Nationwide | Durable & Decorative
Poly Resin Rolled Rim Cylinder
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A cylinder-shaped garden planter serves many functions, especially when it's made of a commercial-grade polyresin. This means the pot is lightweight, easy to ship, and easy to move around.  You can drop a nursery pot right into these planters without having to plant directly into them. That way you can change out the flowers by pulling out the nursery pot only. Easy! They also work great for all kinds of plant materials no matter how deep the plant's roots are. If you have trees or palms you want to pot then these are the planters because they come in x large sizes.  How about a huge colorful display of flowers, green plants, or grasses.  This polyresin rolled rim cylinder comes in so many different pot sizes that you can mix and match to make the perfect landscape or interiorscape display.  

This commercial-grade, plastic planters are the perfect solution when you want a lightweight product manufactured using high-quality materials, creative workmanship, all Made in America by Riverside Plastics. Most plastic pots will fade, warp, and crack over time. Our poly-resin planters will not fade, chip, crack, warp, or break. Because of the slightly textured finish once the pots are planted know one will know that they are plastic. They are available in extra-large sizes because they are molded and need no kiln firing like a clay or glaze pot. Available in 32 colors means the possibilities are limitless. Preferred by landscape designers, decorators & architects. Perfect for inexpensive shipping fees!

- Made In America by Riverside Plastics
- Commercial Grade Polyethylene
- With or Without Drain Hole
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable
- Color Samples Available

Size Price Top O.D. Top I.D. Base I.D. Depth
RC8 $44.00 8.00" 5.75" 5.25" 6.25"
RC10 $48.00 9.75" 7.25" 7.00" 7.75"
RC12 $52.00 12.00" 9.50" 9.50" 10.75"
RC14 $67.00 14.50" 11.50" 11.50" 11.25"
RC18 $107.00 18.75" 14.25" 14.25" 15.00"
RC22 $151.00 22.00" 18.00" 18.00" 17.00"
RC26 $234.00 26.00" 21.50" 21.50" 20.00"
RC30 $392.00 30.50" 24.50" 24.50" 24.00"
RC36 $568.00 36.00" 30.00" 29.50" 24.75"
RC40 $1,061.00 41.50" 32.00" 32.00" 28.00"
RC48 $1,452.00 48.25" 38.75" 38.50" 30.50"
RC60 $1,937.00 60.25" 50.00" 50.00" 35.00"

Size Saucer
RC8  *
RC10  *
RC12 SA12
RC14 SA14
RC18 SA18
RC22 SA22
RC26 SA24
RC30 SA29
RC36 SA33
RC40 SA37
RC48  *
RC60  *

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