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Lightweight Poly Resin Garden Pottery

Lightweight Planters  |  Poly Resin Garden Pots  |  Commercial Grade Plastic Pottery   |  32 Colors Choices

When you desire a garden planter that is not only lightweight but manufactured using the highest quality materials, then look no further than our commercial grade Poly Resin landscape pottery and saucers. When size is needed in a garden planter and you can't find a large enough pot in glazed or clay you must go to a product that is poured into a mold and formed and needs no kiln firing. From small to HUGE sizes these lovely home and garden pots come in 32 colors and over 15 styles, making them the perfect choice for all landscape projects and home and garden needs. Do you live in an apartment or condo where weight is an issue for the decorative planters you want to use on the balcony? Our Riverside Plastic garden pottery comes in really huge sizes that weight next to nothing. Concerned about shipping charges, then shop for a durable lightweight planter that is easy to ship and easy to move around. We sell the best lightweight home and garden pottery that is not only Made in America but ships nationwide, whether it's commercial or residential. Made in America by Riverside Plastics, using a plastic that is textured, these garden planters look and feel like real clay. Durable, Lightweight and Stylish best describe our commercial and residential poly resin pottery. Our prices are sure to please!