Glazed bowl/saucer Cobalt
$ 14.99 In stock
Glazed bowl/saucer Cobalt - Garden Bowls | High Shine Glossy Glaze | Colorful & Decorative Planters  | Perfect For Tabletop Display |  Many Sizes | Ships Nationwide | Arizona Pottery
Glazed bowl/saucer Cobalt
Product ID# CL4082
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These generous sized glazed garden bowls come with the saucer attached. Each saucer has 3 spokes inside to keep the pot from sitting in the run-off water. The glazes are high shine and color. At 10" wide they are large enough to hold a spring bouquet.  Both the saucer and pot sell for only $14.99 Unheard of!!! 


- Imported from Mexico
- High Fired Ceramic
- Drain Hole

Size Price Width Height
10" $14.99 SALE
$54.00 Reg
10.00" 8.00"
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