Talavera Round Bule Blue Rim

Talavera Hand Painted Mexican Garden Pottery

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Talavera Round Bule Blue Rim - Round Garden Bowl | Hand Painted | Made in Mexico | Bold Bright Colors
Talavera Round Bule Blue Rim
Product ID# TAL001
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A round flowerpot that is both decorative and functional is very unique. A chubby round planter with a tapered base and opening at the top, give these containers a playful look. They are the perfect size of garden pottery to use indoors or outdoors on a tabletop or patio table. Group them together to create the perfect landscape pottery display, full of colorful flowers, succulents, or houseplants.

Hand-painted Talavera pottery has been well known for years in the pottery industry. Imported from Mexico where artisans create original designs and hand paint each item painstakingly. Each pottery piece will be unique and original. No two pieces will ever be identical. Bold bright colors, floral designs, traditional patterns as well as original designs all come together to create what we believe to be the most desired home and garden pottery we sell. Due to the nature of Talavera, colors and designs will vary.

Tip: We recommend if using outdoors you cover this piece with furniture wax to help retain the color and reduce crazing, however, do not expose it to freezing temperatures.

- Imported from Mexico
- High Fired Ceramic
- Hand Painted
- Drain Hole

Size Price Width Height
3.5 $14.00 3.50" 3.50"
5 $25.00 5.00" 5.00"
7 $34.00 7.00" 6.50"
12 $66.00 12.00" 10.00"
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