Vietnamese Black Clay Ang Mai

Vietnamese Black Clay Pottery
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Vietnamese Black Clay Ang Mai - Ang Mai Garden Pot Imported from Vietnam for Arizona Pottery | Pottery
Vietnamese Black Clay Ang Mai
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Handmade in Vietnam, this garden planter is made of a heavy dark brown clay that is harvested off a riverbed.  Being fired in a mud hut means that each garden container will be unique with a slight color variation. This Vietnamese clay pottery is fired to a hard stone finish giving it durability and beauty. Our Ang Mai flowerpot has a fat wide rim opening at the top which is surrounded by a pie crust crimp edge making it very decorative and interesting.  What makes it different from similar Vietnamese black clay planters are the flower decals. The fat body of this garden container is wide with a tapered base large enough to hold all plant materials.  Palms trees, large evergreen shrubs, loads of colorful flowers, these clay planters are big so get your tape measure out.  Since cm65 & cm83 are so large, we have to ship them by freight truck. We only get these twice a year so don't wait.  Known in the landscape industry for years, these Vietnamese, yard and garden containers stand up to their reputation.  When you demand a natural clay pot that is durable & still beautiful then these are the home and garden planters for you.

- Imported from Vietnam
- Real Dark Brown Clay
- Frost Resistant
- Drain Hole

Size Price Width Height
cm38 $162.00 15.00" 13.00"
cm60 $279.00 23.00" 19.00"
cm86 $462.00 32.00" 23.00"
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