Pot Turner
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Pot Turner
Pot Turner
Product ID# Pot Turner
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 1523 Pot Turner
This clever product may look like a simple plastic plant saucer but it's really so much more.....

It's a lazy-susan for potted plants and can easily rotate a heavy pot.  The 12" pot turner holds up to 250 lbs and the 16" up to 400 lbs.  Yes, you read that right!

It makes turning your pottery easy.  Everyone knows turning containers promotes healthier plants with 360 sun exposure.
An added bonus is it will protect flooring from water damage just like a plant saucer.  Like to decorate your patio with large HEAVY pots overflowing with flowers & greens?  Use a plant turner and no lifting is required!

* 2 sizes - 12" & 16"
* Rotates
* Protects
* No lifting

Size Price Supports
12" $25.00 250 lbs
16" $48.00 400 lbs