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Despite modern advancements, Terracotta pottery still makes for some of the best garden planters a person can use. This is in part because clay pottery can breathe, allowing air to circulate to the roots of your cherished plants during the summer, as well as helping to protect from over watering. As the clay ages, its surface can grow porous and worn, creating a perfect environment for mosses to cling to and further create a rustic and aged appearance to your garden and garden pottery.

Our Black Clay, also called Stoneware, is imported directly from Vietnam where it is harvested from river beds and fired in traditional mud huts using age-old techniques passed down through generations. This unique Vietnamese pottery is known for its rustic texture, color, and overall appearance. Whether your intention is gardening, landscaping or even architecture, these high fired and sturdy clay flower pots are ideal for bringing a beautiful, rustic look to your home.