Pottery Pads set of 4
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Pottery Pads set of 4
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Save your deck with our pot pads! These pottery pads are a must for potted plants on any surface. Unlike other competitive products, these pot pads will never disintegrate, chip, crumble or leave unsightly marks on your deck or patio surface. Using a special two-part construction each pot pad is made of a hard plastic dome and a 'non-skid' rubber grip pad. Our pot pads grip the underside of the flowerpot, creating a small point of contact on the deck. You can eliminate deck rot, bug infestation, and mold from occurring under your garden planters. By holding the pot off the ground the pot pads also provide air circulation that is very healthy for the plant's root system. It makes it easier to move the pot, clean under the garden pot and the drainage to run off the pot. Unlike other products, the pots pads suction to the bottom of the pot allowing easy movement on hard surfaces
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4 pads $8.00
Available in Brown on a card
Cherry Red (not on a card while supplies last).