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When true clay saucers get exceptionally large ((over twenty four inches big in fact)) they can be difficult to manufacture in a way that can handle the strain and weight of large planters without cracking. They can also be tricky to ship to our users in one piece! For these needs a polyresin saucer is the way to go. While it is technically a plastic material, our poly resin is sturdy, UV resistant, Commercial Grade, and will not chip, crack or warp under the strain of traditional use. They can also be almost double as large as traditional clay saucers too! They come in over forty different colors, including a classic terracotta tone to match with natural clay planters.

When it comes to sizing, every planter will have its own needs. A good rule of thumb however is that you should be able to turn the saucer upside down on top of your chosen garden planter for it to be able to catch all the water you would pour in to saturate the potting soil.