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Windowsill Gardens


Creat a garden where you never knew you had rooom for one:  indoors on a windowsill with eastern or southern exposure.

 31137-WindowsillStart a windowsill garden by taking cuttings from some of your favorite indoor and outdoor plants and rooting them in water. 

Use pruners or a sharp knife to cut a 3 to 4 inch stem, strip off the bottom leaves and place the cut stem in a small container of water.

If you like, choose colorful containers and set them on a windowsill for a pretty effect.
Although it doesn't suit every plant, rooting plants in water is the easiest propagation method.  Change the water in the containers weekly because stale water turns cloudy and detracts from the attractiveness of the arrangement.  More importantly, bacteria may develop and create unhealthy medium for the plants.  Enjoy cuttings during the winter months, then transplant them into containers and set them outdoors for the summer.
Most plants thrive only a limited time without soil in which to spread their 31139-Windowsill-Gardens roots.  When you transplant rooted cuttings into a garden planter of potting mix, remember that the roots they form in water are fine and delicate. Keep the potting soil mix moist to avoid shocking the plants and to allow new roots a chance to grow.

However, cuttings that are rooted ins oil should be watered once when they are planted in a planter of soil to begin developing and not again until the soil is almost dry.
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Winter Windowsill Herb Garden.

 16124 Winter-Windowsill-Herb-Garden-Arizona-Pottery
Garden herbs are easy to grow outside and indoors.  Now that winter is here move them indoors so that you have fresh herbs all season long.  Hardy describes most potted herbs.  If you give them the right light, temperature and watering you will have their bright and bold flavors at your fingertips all winter long.

 16125 Potted-Herbs-Indoors-Arizona-Pottery
Make sure the potted herbs get at least four to six hours a day of bright sunlight.  A south or east facing window is a must.  Give the soil a good soaking after planting, then water thoroughly only when the soil is dry to the touch.  Depending on the herbs you potted and the container, this could be as often as daily or as spaced out as once a week.
To keep the potted herbs lush and green, feed ever other week with a liquid fertilizer.  Watch for spider mites and aphids.  At first sign spray with a homemade solution of two drops dish soap per quart of water.  While potted herbs grown outside can handle poor soil, this is not true for plants growing inside.  Plant them in the best potting soil mix you can find and afford.  Take your herb garden outdoors, at the end of the season and re-pot in larger containers. 
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Love the pots! They are exactly what I am looking for! How can I purchase them?

Pottery For Balconies & Windows

Window sills and balconies make excellent locations for a wide range of container gown plants.  They may be in an open position, catching more light than at ground level, where they will also escape the worst frost.  If the situation is very open, however planting part way up a building may be exposed to wind which can strain plant stems and dry the soil out quickly.  Low growing shrub like potted plants are better suitable.
Regular maintenance is straightforward, provided windows give adequate access by tilting, or moving up and down.  You can suspend a window box type planter below the window so you can open it up to water and tend to the plant materials.  Hanging pots work good also if you can reach them when opening the window.


Both windowsill and balcony areas are limited in size and narrow containers ten to work very well here.  If there is more room than a larger container can work when placed in a corner.  A balcony can't easy be accessed so you want to make sure that you are using durable containers.

Pot like poly resin, concrete and metal are all long lasting and won't have to be replaced for a number of years.  On a balcony you must be careful of the weight of the pot once filled with soil.
Some veggies planted can act like a wind breaker if necessary.  You can also grow radishes, spring onions and other shallow root plants.  On a windowsill you want to make sure to use some flowering plants so that you get the color from the inside when looking out.


This is the time to create an eye catching display.  Of course you can always plant evergreen shrubs that stay green all year long but try to keep them container by pruning.  Don't let them over grow or the weight may be to much.
If the area gets a lot of sun light or mostly shade you need to take that into consideration.  Try to put the kinds of plant materials that fit that amount of sunlight.  We love to see herbs growing outside a kitchen window, bulbs outside a breakfast nook and lush green plants outside a living room window or on the front of the house.  Use trailing ivy when you have the room for it.  It's light weight and really adds a lot of interest to any display.

Don't let the fact that you only have a balcony stop you from creating a small garden, or fragrant floral arrangement.  There are plenty of plant materials and pottery choices to make any situation work perfectly.

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