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Organic Gardens & Global Warming

Your backyard organic garden may hold the keys to preventing global warming.  Researchers at the Rodale Institute have learned that organic soils trap atmospheric carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, and convert ti to carbon, a key component of healthy soil.

In the longest running study of it's kind, the Rodale Institute's  Farming Systems Trial has compared organic and conventional farming side by side for the past 23 years.  Important findings have included organic, crops ability to withstand drought year stress much better than crops raised on a diet of chemicals.


What this suggests is that synthetic nitrogen fertilizers speed up the decay process of organic matter so that it is released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide rather than stored in the soil as carbon. Both plants and organic soil operate as powerful sinks, capturing the greenhouse gas considered by many scientists to be largely responsible for global warming.

An increase in organic matter in the soil also helps preserve bio-diversity.  All organisms depend on biomass - living and dead organic matter.  The higher the biomass content, the more the biodiversity. You can see where organic farming and organic gardening fit in there clearly.


When you reject chemicals and choose instead to garden organically you address other issues of critical concern, by embracing a system that is much less reliant on fossil fuels.  This has implications for  our dependence on imported oil and natural gas as well as the climate change problem.  You are preserving the soil and you are reducing the use of chemicals that are directly dependent on fossil energy use.

So, you may ask why here in the blog are we mentioning these findings.  Because every time you buy potting soil at your local garden center you have a choice on what type to buy. We recommend you choose Organic. You will know that you are planting in the best soil and giving your plants a great start.  Not only will your new plants love you for it but so will the planet.  Choose Wisely!

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Cold & Warm Season Veggies to Pot

 16026---Warm- -Cold-Veggies-To-Plant-In-Garden-Pots-From-Arizona-Pottery
Planting & potting garden vegetables is fun and easy to do.  There are season that you need to take into consideration because all things do not grow at all times.  Here are a few suggestions to take into consideration so that you have the most success.
Make sure you start with large garden planters, nice potting soil and fresh seeds or starter plants.
 16041-Arugula-Potted-Arizona-Pottery1.  Arugula (Italian) - Tender leaves add bit to salads and other dishes.  For best flavor, harvest them when they are 4" tall.
 16042-Kale-Potted-Arizona-Pottery2.  Curly Leafed Kale - Super ruffled Winterbor is a vigorous potted grower that stands up to cold temperatures.  Leaves turn sweeter after frost.
 16043-Swiss-Chard-Potted-Arizona-Pottery3.  Swiss Chard - The sturdy stalks of Bright Lights come in a rainbow of colors, including gold, pink, red and white; the frilly leaves are dark green.  Perfect Potted.
 16040-Green-Onion-Potted-Arizona-Pottery4.  Green Onion - Both the white and the green parts have a strong, zesty flavor.  These look lovely filling up a planter.
 16044-Savoy-Cabbage-Pots-Arizona-Pottery5.  Savoy Cabbage - Lime green forms tight heads, ideal for closely spaced potting.
 16045-Bell-Pepper-Pot-Arizona-Pottery1.  Bell Pepper - These wonderful orbs are grat for stuffing and salads, the fruits start out green, some mature to red, yellow, orange, and even chocolate brown.  Perfect in size for a large garden planter.
 16046---Basil-Pots-Arizona-Pottery2.  Basil - Always popular, large glossy leaves have a spicy anise flavor, this variety is often used in pizza or other Italian dishes. 
 16049-Bean-In-Planter-Arizona-Pottery3.  Beans - Pole beans are great potted.  Blue Lake variety is stringless and smooth, with a stronger flavor than bush types.  Grow them on a trellis placed in the pot.
 16050-Cherry-Tomatoes-In-Pots-Arizona-Pottery4.  Tomato - Who hasn't grown tomatoes in garden planters?  The cherry type is juicy, sweet and just the right size.  The plants resists disease.
 16048-Zucchini-In-Pot-Arizona-Pottery5.  Zucchini - The ronde de Nice is a french heirloom type with round, tender zucchini fruits.  Harvest them when they are less that 3" in diameter.
 16047-Sunflowers-In-Pots-Arizona-Pottery6.  Sunflower - The Yellow Disk flowers grow 4 to 5 inches across, are perfect when potted and the blooms attract bees.
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