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Cleaning Up Containers!

Your garden containers are more than a pot to hold soil and plants.  They are the plants' living quarters, and they decorate your home and landscape as well.  That is why you need to make sure your containers are in good shape.  Dirty planters can affect plant health, and faded or drab looking pots distract from the appearance of your arrangement.  Read below for advice on how to keep your garden containers in great shape!
 111-Scrub-PotThey are outside, they get wet, they hold dirt - so why should you bother to clean containers?  The answer is easy.  Plants grow better in a clean and sterile environment, and you lower the chances of having pests and diseases hanging around to harm your plants.

Start by getting rid of potting soil and debris by brushing the inside and outside of the container thoroughly.  Use a stiff wire brush for the job and get better results.  Wash small pots in a basin or bucket filled with hot, soapy water.  You can also add a few drops of liquid household bleach to the water.  Be sure to scrub inside and outside.  Rinse the planters well and allow to air dry overnight before replanting.  Remember to use fresh soil mix, to minimize insect and disease problems.
 113-Washing-PotAwesome flowers in shabby containers or pretty pots on chipped and peeling plant stands don't provide the good looks that we bet you're going for.  Naturally, containers exposed to the elements invariably fall into disrepair.  Here are a few tips to help keep them looking great!
Inspect all planters at the start of the season for any signs of chipped or cracked paint.

Wash off any dirt and let them dry overnight. If you need to repaint the pot by sanding the surface first and then spraying the paint and letting it dry.  Finish with a coat of clear protectant designed for outdoor use.  If there is a crack then patch it before use.  This will keep the water from penetrating into the crack and causing the pot to break down over time.
You can save work in the long run if you make sure that your containers are ready to withstand the elements before you begin planting.
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Body Terrific Summer Berries.

Potting up a few varieties of berries can be both healthy, rewarding and tasty!  When your sweet tooth rear up, pop a couple handfuls of fresh berries, their sweet-tart goodness helps you resist the urge to eat something unhealthy that's loaded with calories.  How about a lush raspberry or blackberry?  Both are full of healthy nurtients and easy to grow.  Read below if we haven't convenienced your yet!
 109--BlueberreisBlueberries - Toss a few into yogurt with a little honey for a great morning breakfast.  They can make even the simpliest of meals special.  Out of 60 fruits and vegetables analyzed by Tufts University, blueberries rated highest in the ability to destroy skin damaging free radical with powerful antixodiants like anthocyanins and vitamin C.  And with only 80 calories and an impressive 5 grams of fiber per cup, it's no wonder they can help reduce belly fat and risk factors for metabolic syndrome and cardio vascular disease.  Pot up a few, place them in a patio planter, and enjoy them.
 110-RaspberriesBlackberries & Raspberries - Try a blackberry smoothie or a tasty bowl of oatmeal with berries.  The berries help keep you focused on days when you need to perform and feel your best.  Full of folate and vitamin K, blackberries help prevent nerve cell damage in the brain caused by oxidative stress and aging, which can result in memory loss.  Potting up berries and placing them on a porch or next to a kitchen door is great for convenience.  Raspberries are packed with the mineral maganese and contain 62 percent of the daily value in one cup.  They assist the bodys metabolic systems, facilitates optimal thyroid function and regulates blood sugar.  Berries are GOOD!
Planting a few berry bushes, in garden planters, is easy to do and a healthy way to keep your family happy.  They don't take a lot of work, and the benefits are tremendous.  The colors are beautiful and they are decorative and fragrant!
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Pots For Planting

 31359-Pots-For-Planting1.  Style Mixer - Concrete containers with a vertical ribbed design fit any style.  They hold anything from flowers to shrubs to trees.  Colored through-out they will not show any chips.  Available in 16" inches high up to 32" high.  Durable, long lasting and stunningly beautiful these planters have always been very popular.

2.  Formal Attire. These garden urns have a classical garland trim and come in many finishes.  They are crafted of a beautiful concrete product that is durable and impervious to water.  For that perfect spot where you need something a bit decorative and pristine!

3.  The pineapple is a traditional sign of welcome and in this fiberglass planter is very light weight.  It looks like stone but weighs much less.  Fill with a shooting agave plant and create a stunning look if just left empty and displayed as a piece of art.  Beautiful for any yard or garden area.

4.  This metallic planter is embossed resin so it's lightweight, durable and looks aged.  Fill with simple flowers or a lush green shrub and place against a block wall where you need color and decoration.
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Grow Your Own Healing Herbs Part 1


Start your own apothecary potted garden with plants such as lavender, mint, lemon balm, and thyme.  Make homemade remedies for stress, digestion, immunity and much more.

This is Part 1 of a series on achieving the best results.  Enjoy!
This time of year, as the plant world explodes with shoots stretching up toward the sun, we naturally tap into the deep, ancient urge to grow something.  Medicinal herbs are among the most rewarding of garden projects, providing both a dose of aromatherapy and the materials to make high quality, inexpensive herbal products.  Here is this series, you will learn how to grow and use six versatile herbs.  All of these herbs mentioned grow well in garden planters or decorative containers, so there is no garden or yard even required!!!
Part 1 explores the basic needs of these herbs, considering soil, sun, food, water, air and of course planter options.

Start by choosing a good, organic potting soil that provides good drainage and room for fragile roots to grow.  Unless otherwise noted your herbs will thrive in full sun, so read your seed packets closely.

Water your
potted herbs daily, ideally in the morning, until water drains out of the bottom of the planters drain hole into a saucer. Once the saucer fills with water be sure to pour it off so it doesn't stay full.  The soil shouldn't stay soaked but it shouldn't dry out completely either.

Use a balanced organic fertilizer according to the package directions. Remember that plants can be killed with kindness and take care not to overfeed or over water.  Avoid crowding your plants.  This will help cut down on any fungal or pest issues.

When it comes to selecting your planter or containers: use terra-cotta, stone, glazed or poly-resin design and style that meets your needs.  You can go back to basics with a plain, Italian imported terra-cotta, sunbaked, clay pot, or add a splash of color with a nice shaped brightly colored glazed planter.


There is no right or wrong when choosing a pot to use.  Just make sure that it does have a drain hole in the bottom for drainage.  You can cover the drain hole with pot shards, packing peanuts, pot filler or any object that will let the water run out but keep the soil in place
In our next entry we will get specific no what herbs we recommend and what their specific needs are, so stay tuned!

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What To Plant Now!

Below are the top 7 plants that you will want to grow this year. Each one is unique and lovely.  Plan on setting them up in garden pottery and you should have a magnificent yard or patio!
Fuschia x hybrida - Nice ruffled petal swirl like a flamenco dancers skirt.
Phormium Jubilee - It's leaves have cherry hued margins.
x Heucherella Stoplight - Nearly glows in light shades.
Echinacea Purpurea - Petals like royal feathers.
Poodle Skirt Dahlia - Poufs and pets add pizazz in hot pink.
Superb Grevillea - Apricot orange flowers.
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora - Looks like a deep sea creature.  AWESOME!

Make a succulent live bouquet.  For a striking display, arrange echeveria rosettes in a elegant vase or garden planter with other eye catching succulents.  Try the burgundy flowered scabiosa, blue viburnum berries, string of pearls, all pictured above.  Afterward, set the rosettes into decorative containers filled with succulent mix to start new plants.  Dividing succulents is easy, saves money and fun to do.  Give it a go!

Go wild with foliage.  To make an all foliage garden planter like the one show here, combine plants of various leaf sizes, shapes, colors, and textures.  In this Hawaiian garden, the smooth, coffee and apricot hued leaves of ti plant contrast with a blue fan palm's corrugated fronds and elephants ears wavy green leaves.

Mounded red and green tillandsias add punch in the foreground.  Your pots can be subdued and quite like the ones show or go with bold, bright ones to add to the foliage colors.

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January in the Garden.


 16115-Potted-Flowering-Quince-Arizona-PotteryThe bright blooms of flowering quince offer some of the first flowers of winter.  These carefree pass along plants have graced Southern gardens for generations.  They offer dependable color when few things are blooming.

Place them in a spot with full sun and well draining soil.  Any kind of garden urn or planter will work since they are so colorful they will compliment all types.  Terracotta,
poly resin, glazed ceramic or concrete.

Avoid shearing the branches, instead, remove some of the older canes at soil level each winter.  Force branches into bloom by cutting stems just as the flower buds start to swell.  Place the branches in a vase of water, and put them in a cool room to coax the flowers to open.  Nice!
Right now when there seems like there isn't much to do in the garden or 16112---Potted-Chrysantha Arizona Pottery patio area you should take another look.  You have lots of choices for fragrance in the winter garden.  Shrubs such as paper bush have lightly fragrant blooms.  Winter honeysuckle offers a familiar sweet scent.

Winter daphne is an elegant evergreen with powerful fragrant blooms; you will actually want to go outside just to smell the flowers.  Potted Wintersweet offers delicate blossoms and a spicy scent.  Place them near entry points into your garden or along paths to best enjoy their perfumes.  Look for them at your local nursery or online.
 16113-Potted-Pansies-Arizona-PotteryThe cold weather can take a toll on potted pansies.  Remove spent blossoms and trim any leggy foliage with scissors.  Water the plants well and let them drain.  Then use a liquid fertilizer to feed the pansies.  You can also add new plants to your garden pottery to replenish pots or just to add a bit of extra winter color.
 16114-Potted-Kale-Arizona-PotteryCollards and kale are perfect additions to your winter pottery and table.  Gather leaves to steam, stir fry or add to soups.  The cooler winter weather actually sweetens the flavor of the leaves.

Harvest regularly from your pots by pinching off the leaves from the bottom up so the plants will continue to grow new ones.  The colors of these cabbage plants will compliment any
pottery or garden design you are trying to achieve.
Now is the perfect time to start planning your spring garden.  Purchase seeds early for the best selections.  Check our your current garden planters for cracks or any damages and see what will need to be replaced or added to.  The whole idea is to have fun, dream and plan and you will be guaranteed a wonderful yard and patio next Spring and Summer.
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5 steps - Seed to Centerpiece!

Listed below are the 5 easy steps to take you from a seed packet purchased at your local nursery to a lovely table centerpiece!
1.  Shop your local garden center for seeds.  You will find a wide assortment of fast growing annuals in a rainbow of colors.  If you prefer to shop online there are tons of websites that you can find that ship seeds packets directly to you.  Try to select colors and fragrances that you hope to enjoy and will fit into your decorating designs.

2.  Prep your flower pots or beds.  Pick a sunny spot (at least 6 hrs daily) with well draining soil.  Work in organic matter, rake smooth, and water to moisten the soil.  Having ground to grow cutting flowers is not always possible.  You can easily grown them in garden containers.  Simply follow the same instructions listed above but make sure the planter you use is deep enough and wide enough to hold the amount of seeds you hope to sow.
3.  Sow the seeds.  Follow the planting instructions on the back of the seed packets.  Cover lightly with soil.  In as little as five days, many sees will sprout.  Once you see two leaves, thin to ensure correct spacing for future growth.

4.  Harvest Early.  Flowers are freshest in the morning.  Use a sharp pair of scissors or snips, cut stems a little longer than you will need for the arranging, and place them in a bucket of water.  To encourage more blooms, cut flowers regularly - especially zinnias.  Measure the vase or pot that you will be arranging the flowers inside of in advance.  Make sure that you cut enough length in advance.
5.  Assemble flowers, and your container.  Recut stems at an angle right before arranging.  If you change water daily, you don't need flower preservatives.


These cherry blooms are easy to grow, require minimal care once established, and yield plenty of flowers for cutting.  They also like garden planters as well as the ground.  Give it a go and let us know how it works for you!
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Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

A few great tips for extending the life of your floral arrangements:

* Cut the flowers in early morning while the flowers are rested.

* Select flowers in the bud stage, right when they begin to pucker.

* Strip foliage that would be below the water line.

*Add a teaspoon each of bleach, sugar, and vinegar per gallon of water to keep bacteria from forming.

* Change water every five to seven days.

* When arranging fresh cut flowers, match the water temperature with the season:  For spring flowers, use ice water, for summer use room temperature water; and for winter flowers, use cool water.

*  Try to match the vase or planter with the type and color of flowers that you are arranging for a blended look.


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