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Finding the most beautiful and healthy plants and flowers for your garden containers isn't that hard to do.  Most local nursery and garden centers carry a wide selection that are mostly healthy and lovely.  Now keeping them looking that way for as long as possible is the goal of every container gardener.  By following a few tips listed below you are well on the way to achieving that goal.


1.  Pick the perfect garden pot.  Make sure you get the right size before anything else.  You do not want to put a palm into a pot that is so small it tips over in a robust wind or so little that it cramps the roots from growing and spreading.  All plants and flowers have roots that need room to grow in soil that has nutrients in it.  If a container is too large it can result in over moist soil and drown the roots.  If you have a lot of space in the pot and you keep the soil moist, you may get moss and mildew issues that are not welcome.  Also make sure you garden container has drain hole.  No standing water in flowerpots is recommended.


2.  Plant you new pottery container with a plan.  It seems harmless to just dig in and go for it but the result will not be as successful if you follow a few steps.  Make sure you use plants with the right light needs with where you are putting the finished pot.  A plant that needs full sunlight will not grow if you place the garden planter on a covered porch that sees mostly shade.  Try to mix flowering plants and colors with green foliage to fill in the planter and make them look overflowing and full.  Just make sure they need the same amount of water.


3.  Be selective about the potting soil you use.  Never use garden soil for many reason but mostly you will NOT have healthy plants.  If you plant succulents make sure you are using pumice soil that drains well. If flowers are more to your liking a nice potting mix that has compost in it works great.  Don't recycle potting soil if you had diseased plants growing it in already.  Start fresh!  The main thing to remember here is never underestimate the power of the correct potting mix.

So follow these easy steps and you are well on the way to have garden containers that look stunning all season long. 

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St Patrick's Day Flower Pots

 2104 St Patricks Flower Pots

Saw this cute idea for Spring & St. Patrick's Day all rolled into one and had to share. 

Start with a clay flowerpot.  We sell terracotta pots from Italy which means you are starting with a compact, smooth clay pot that is known in the pottery industry as the best clay pots available anywhere.  Each pot is formed and then fired in a gas kiln so they are virtually identical. Of course they start with the finest clay material.

Find a green color of acrylic paint. Here you see two different shades which make a great contrast and interest.  Spray or paint the pots, let them dry completely.  Line the rim around the opening of the pot with a ribbon and glue or tape together.  Then drop a plant of your choice inside.  You don't even need to plant directly into the pottery.  So, when the plant looks a bit worn you can just pop it out and put in another kind.  Super Easy!  

These make wonderful gifts for family, friends, neighbors or co-workers.  And, you get to have some fun making them.  It's a win - win situation.  Get your Italian Clay Pots right here at Arizona Pottery. Click here.
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St Patricks Day Craft Idea


Good Luck St Patrick's Day Craft Idea

Even though it's a few weeks away from St. Patrick's Day or even the beginning of Spring, we saw this clever craft idea using clay pots that would be easy for children to do.  This is fairly easy to do and would make a great gift for a school teacher, friendly neighbor or loving grandparents.  Get the kids together and give it a go.

At Arizona Pottery we love all kinds of holiday crafts using small clay flowerpots. They are perfect for little hands to work with, aren't very expensive and are very easy to turn into easy Holiday DIY gifts & crafts.

Supplies needed are easy and inexpensive.  Masking tape, clay flowerpots, chalkboard paint, gold spray paint and chalk.

Click here to purchase real terracotta clay pot in all sizes.
Click here for complete instructions from start to finish.
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Blueberries in Garden Containers

Blueberries have always been one of the more popular fruits from the berry family.  There health benefits have been well known for years.  Fun to eat, perfect in smoothies, great for desserts & salads, and easy to grow in garden planters! Here are a few easy tips!


Start by selecting the planter you want to pot the blueberries in.  Make it large, at least 18 inches deep and as wide as possible.  These plants need lots of space for a hearty root system with plenty of room to grow. Place the container in a area of your yard or garden where it will be full sunshine.  Use a potting mix that will give you great drainage.

Potted blueberries are easy to care for.  Water at least 1 inch per week but if your pot is in a windy area you may need to water more.  Apply a thick layer of mulch after potting to keep moisture locked in and fertilize about 3 weeks after planting. Birds can be an issue since they love to dine on the berries so you may need to net the potted plant to eliminate that issue.  Don't worry about pruning for the first few years.
Pick the potted berries when they fall into your hand when touched.  They will be very dark blue and really sweet.  Refrigerate them so they don't spoil before you can eat them.  Have fun & enjoy!
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New Pot Tricks For Outdoor Planters.

Below are a few tricks to help out with planting into containers.  It's really easy and fun to do!

 +If you live where it gets cold, watch the weather for late freezes.  If the weather changes abruptly, just move your potted plants into the garage where they will be protected for the night.  It sounds like a lot of work but it's a easy thing to do to save your plants.

+ try choosing a color scheme that matches flowers already planted around your home.  It looks so much better when everything looks like it has a reason to be there.

+ make sure you choose the correct size of planters.  It's so disappointing to choose a planter off our website and then find out it's dwarfed sitting on your porch.  Get out a tape measure, use an empty cardboard box, anything that can help you see what size the planter needs to be.

+ try something different.  Don't just stick with standard terracotta flower pots.  Try pots with unusual shapes and sizes, colors and finishes.  

+  make sure you water when needed and make sure to keep the soil moist if necessary.  Most flowers have short root systems so it's not always an issue with plants that have longer root systems make sure the water penetrates

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Potted Houseplants Tips & Tricks

Temperature - Indoor plants don't like drafty areas.  They don't behave like outdoor plants and most common types of indoor potted plants are not adaptable to all situations.  A new indoor gardener might place the potted plant in a sunny window thinking that the sun will help with growth.


However what usually happens it the plant dries up from the rising temperature change and then gets cold at night from sitting on a cold windowsill.  The best action to take for a potted plants health is move the plant into a morning sunny window when the sun is less intense.  Then move it out of the sun after a couple of hours.  Check the plants leaves for signs of burn or if more sun is needed.


Pottery selection:  Select a pot that fits your plants needs and your rooms decorative desire.  Make sure the pot is large enough to accommodate root growth but not so large that when watered it saturates and drowns the poor plant.  Many garden pots have drain holes which is most healthy for any plants roots system, so buy a saucer to protect the surface you place the potted plant on.  This is a time to be creative and match your homes decor.  Have fun!


Watering & Soil:  Go with sterilized garden soil that can be purchased from a garden center or nursery.  It is not recommended that you dig up dirt in your yard and use that since it may contain pests or disease.  A good rule of thumb when watering potted indoor plants is to keep the soil moist, not dry or wet.  Don't drown your plant, make sure the water run off is emptied and check regularly that the soil doesn't dry out.


Fertilizer:  Don't feed the potted houseplant to much because it can burn the plants roots and use a fertilizer made specifically for houseplants.  Their nutrient needs are different that garden plants.  So do not overfeed but make sure they get something every couple of weeks.

If you watch the temperature, get some natural morning sunlight, feed the soil with nutrients, water when needed, you should have lovely and healthy houseplants that you can be proud of.

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