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Easy Vertical Garden Ideas

Vertical gardening has become the rage.  There are so many ways to achieve this type of gardening but we found this one where they used a garden trellis to get the effect that is desired. 
They are showing you how to build your own trellis and create a focal point in your yard or planter pots in one afternoon.
 14674A trellis is a great solution to hid an eyesore or divide a space.  Hardware stores carry the pre-made latticework and post uprights you will need to construct a simple garden trellis.  Cedar, redwood, and pressure treated lumber are the best choices of wood for outside use.  Remember to only use galvanized steel screws and nails to secure the trellis frame.  Plan before you make cuts, and follow all safety precautions when using tools.
 14675Use a post hole digger to dig deep enough to safely support the trellis through all weather conditions.  Pour a few inches of gravel at the bottom of the trellis or the garden pot that you may be planting in.  Set the trellis posts in the hole.  Make sure the posts stay level as you tightly pack the holes with a mix of dirt and gravel.  Once the trellis is secure, place your climbing plants in the ground and use biodegradable string to tie up and train your plants growth.
Instead of planting directly into the ground you can use a garden planter as the base and place the lattice inside.  Place the pot and lattice along a bare garden wall or anyplace that you need to add color and decoration.
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Outdoor structures/Indoors terms

 14536 Outdoor-Structures

When you think of a garden, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  Pottery, flowers, textured foliage.  Without a good structure a garden is just a collection of plants.  Follow these simple steps a turn a boring garden into a indoor room.

The 3 most common structures are arbors, trellises and pergolas.  They can create doorways to your garden, walls that aren't there and a ceiling which to hang potted plants on.
 14539Arbor:  Creates a sense of arrival to an outdoor room.  You can cover it with plants, set 2 pots on each side like an entryway, and create an inviting way into your yard or garden areas.  It provides a sense of arrival that comes with passing through it, comparable to arriving in a home through a foyer rather than simply entering a doorway.

This little passageway becomes a room of it's own.  A few simple tips are a deeper passageway extends the experience and you should allow a height of 7 feet to make it comfortable to walk under.
 14540Trellis:  Works just like a wall, where no wall exists.  It is mostly open but lends a feeling of enclosure when you cover the trellis with potted plant vines.  You can attache one to an outside blank wall to add decoration or make it freestanding and use as a barrier to block unsightly air conditioning equipment or a neighbors window.  It doesn't provide the same privacy as a solid fence, but it is more decorative when there are plants covering it.
 14541Pergola:  Thought it doesn't provide closed, coverage, it does provide shade and a sense of enclosure.  Often used to cover seating or dining table options.  Set potted plants around the posts and let the potted plants climb up them and cover the top, creating a living ceiling.

Grape covered pergolas are very popular and they can keep you dry during light rain or shaded in intense sunlight.  Try to match the style of your house or any other garden structures you may have
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A Trellis Hoop For Any Planter!!


When these willow cages are set into terracotta pots and planted with colorful flowers, they provide a focal point all season long in your garden or patio areas.  This cage takes about 2 hrs to make, and all the materials are easy to come by.  Give it a go and let us know how you did.
Pencil thick willow switches make up the hoops.  You will need two 42" long, four 36" long and four 26" long.  The cage looks best when it is a bit taller than the pot it sits in.  The measurements here are for a 11" terracotta clay azalea pot, which is wider than tall.  It also has nearly vertical walls, which help the cage sit in it snugly.
 14535Peel the leaves and snip off the side branches from the switches.  Cut the two best looking 42" long for the main hoops.  Cut four thick switches 36" for the middle and found 26" for the lower.  Mark the inside of the pot at the 12 o'clock spot and again at 3,6 & 9 o'clock spots.  Put the two main hoops inside the pot at right angels to each other so that each end sticks 3" into the pot.  Use a twist tie to hold the marked centers together.  You can tape the inside of the pots to hold them together.

Then curve one of the middle hoops and place the ends on each side of 14533 one of the main hoops. The top of the curve should rest about 1/3 of the way down outside the main hoop.
The lower hoops are placed in the same way.  To make the cage more stable weave the lower hoops in front of and behind the middle and main hoops where you can.  Fasten the remaining intersections with twist ties.
 14534Traditionally these cages are planted with carnations but many different types of plant materials look good in them.  Try to select plants that bloom for a long time or that have nice foliage over several seasons.  You can always plant bulbs in them and they look fantastic.
Place the pots on a patio or deck, or even in a mixed garden border.  Stick them right into the bed.  These are easy to do and lovely once made.
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