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If you have never heard of pot toppers then this post is for you.  What we are referring to is the items you place on the top soil of your garden planters.

Why you ask do you need to put anything on the top soil of indoor or outdoor garden pottery?  It involves a couple of reasons.  The first is by protecting the soil and therefore the plants root exposure you are keeping the plant from really cold or hot weather.


In the cold the water you put on your plants will freeze so the topper will keep the soil warmer and stop it from freezing.  In the warm weather the topper will keep the soil cool and the roots won't be exposed to the intense heat and the possibility of drying out faster.


A second reason is a pottery topper will protect the soil from having the nutrients depleted as fast as if the soil is exposed directly to the sunlight.  The whole idea is to create a nice moist bed for the potted plants roots to rest while the plant is dormant or in a growth season. All plants have roots that like nice dark, moist, even temperature conditions.


Lastly, as you can see from these photos the items you can use as a pottery topper are only limited by your imagination. This is your chance to get creative.  Use rocks, colored pebbles, pine cones, plastic toys or beads, pot shards, corks, fruit and so much more.  It's really a fun thing to do and it adds a lot of pizazz to your garden pottery & window boxes.


Don't let the soil in your indoor or outdoor garden containers sit unprotected.  This little step can mean the difference between success and failure! And, look good!

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Pot Toppers!


Have you ever heard of "pottery toppers"?  Well, we may have just made it up but we think it's a easy and creative way to top your garden planters and containers.  No only does it add a decorative touch but it also serves a great purpose.
Let's start from the beginning.  When you plant directly in a garden container you finish with a good amount of top soil exposed.  This is not a bad thing. We want you to give your potted plants as much soil as possible so that they can grow and not be crowed.  However, in harsh weather conditions that exposed soil can cause some major damaged to plants and plant root systems.  Sometimes making them even fatal.


What you want to do is provide that exposed soil & plant roots to protection.  Something to keep the water off in case of freezing temperatures, or a layer to provide warmth.  Mulch has been used for generations to keep plants protected during the winter months

We suggest using something a bit more decorative.  Maybe add color with pool balls, Christmas ornaments, filbert nuts, acorns, pine cones, or like the photos show, colorful and fragrant fruit.  Get creative!  Your pots will look fantastic and your plants will be happy for the added protection
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Try Gravel As A Pot Topper!

Try using gravel for great drainage in all kinds of planters and then finish of the look by topping the soil.  Nice!
It's very common for most gardeners to grab a few stones, pieces of broken clay pottery or pot filler, to cover the drain hole in the bottom of most garden planters.  If you choose to go this route we suggest adding a thin layer of pebble gravel.  Any of these products will help the soil drain but still keep it from running out the bottom of the pot and getting your deck or patio surface dirty.


You also don't want any standing water in the bottom of your garden pots or the roots of your plants will rot.  Gravel can also be used to help with the draining of the soil.  Just add some to the soil mix, toss it gently and it helps the soil drain better.  We love to see cacti, succulents and bulbs grown in gravel & water only.  It creates a unique look.


Try top-dressing your planters with colorful gravel.  It not only is attractive but it really keeps the potting soil from drying out as fast.  Gravel as a pot topper also helps to keep water and soil from splashing up on the plants.


You can find colorful gravels that look decorative and beautiful at most garden center or aquarium outlets.  Don't leave your potted plants looking good when they can look GREAT!!!
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