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Thanksgiving Tablescapes


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we wanted to show you a few super easy tablescapes that we think are wonderful.  Many use garden containers and others you will see you can use whatever you want.  Glass jars, ceramic vases and even a stunning display using no container at all.

Let’s start with this table arrangement shown above.  As you can see the center of the table is dominated with a large garden planter that is over flowing with colorful gourds.  Fill in around the container with green plant materials that bring a realistic touch.  The base of the garden urn is covered with more pumpkins and gourds and dried berries.  This is a large and dramatic look.  By using such bold bright colorful materials, you can stick with clear glass and simple place settings.

Our next idea is a simple thank-full tree.  Have each guest write on a paper leaf what they are thank full for this past year.  Tie each leaf on to a branch of the thankful tree.  To make the tree, collect garden branches and stack them into a lovely vase.  Place the vase into the center of the dining room table.  This creates an inter-active beautiful centerscape that is lovely.


This idea is really neat because no garden container is used.  The center of the table is draped with silk fall leaf boughs.  We love the way it drapes over the sides and lands on the ground.  There are a few candles set among the leaves but that is all.  It’s so simple and yet amazing that anybody can re-create this idea.  Easy Peasy!


The final tablescape uses 2 white pineapple vases that are filled with straw.  With the fall leaves draped over the chandelier the table doesn’t need any more color.  The white vases add an elegance that is subtle and dramatic.  Using your garden containers, vases & planters make creating a table that is memorable and beautiful is much easier than you think.


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12 Veggies To Grown In Garden Pottery

The 12 best crops to grow in garden containers

With a lot of folks looking to go eco-friendly around the house we are starting to see more wanting to grow their own food in garden containers.  They don't like the selection at the store or the thought of feeding their family with produce that has been sprayed with pesticides.
So, if you are thinking about possibly growing your own food on a small level and want the easiest way that uses less space then try potting up some veggies.  

When it comes to selecting a garden container most types will do. The main thing to look for are drain holes.  Most veggie don't like their roots sitting in standing water so make sure that if the pots you select don't have holes - you drill them.  We like  terracotta  because the clay is meant to breathe which is super healthy for all roots systems. The water will soak into the sides of the pots and help retain the moisture.  Glazed, Poly Resin, Concrete, will all work well.  Make sure they are large enough for the vegetables to grow with room to expand. 

Here are a few suggestions:

> Beetroot:  These are great container crops. Sow a few seeds in the pot every couple of weeks and you'll be harvesting all summer.
> Radish - They are trouble free and ready to harvest in as little as a month.
> Potatoes - They don't need lots of room to grow just deep soil.
> Chard - The color makes this an attractive crop also.  Thin out seedlings.
> Tomatoes - Keep evenly watered to prevent the fruit from splitting.  Feed with fertilizer.
> Salad Leaves - The ultimate container crop. Sow a variety and grow as long as you keep harvesting the leaves.  How easy is that?
> Carrots - Like potatoes they just need deep soil to grow well.
> Chilies - Perfect for a windowsill, the warmer the conditions the spicier.

> Lettuce - Perfect for potting.  Sow one or two at intervals so they don't all mature at the same time.
> Salad Onions - Great for containers because they don't need deep soil and are easy to grow.
> Spinach - Great to keep cutting and regrowing in pottery.
> Garden Herbs - We are all familiar with potted herbs.  So Easy & fun to do.
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Easter Tablescape Using Garden Pottery


What a beautiful way to decorate a table for Easter Supper!
Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most stunning!  Here is an easy way to decorate your table for Easter using a few simple garden pots!

The centerpiece and focal point of the table is a large garden urn.  Buy an ivy plant at your local garden center or nursery or better yet go to a craft store and get a piece of silk ivy.  Fill the bottom of the urn or garden pot with floral foam.  Take a wire coat hanger and bend it into a circle sticking the ends into the foam.  Place the ivy in the base of the pot and wrap it around the coat hanger.

Next take a reed birds nest and place it on the top of the pot of course filled with a few candy eggs. Shown with a decorative bird on the top but you can use anything you want.   Next take small urns and fill with shredded paper and top with a green apple. The apples will pick up the color of the plates.  The hand painted stone name place cards, ribbons on glasses and brown burlap napkins are all the icing on the cake.  

This project is not that difficult or expensive.  Just break the photo down into the pieces you want to copy and create your own outstanding Easter Centerpiece using Garden Urns or Pottery. 
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Veggies In Containers - Easy!


Growing vegetables in garden containers is an easy way to experience the flavor and freshness of home grown veggies and, best of all most vegetables do well in planters & pottery!
Not sure what type of planter to grow your vegetables in?  Well the healthiest type of terracotta clay.  It breathes and root systems love the health benefits.  Glaze of high fired pot or planters are very good because they won't absorb the water and will keep the soil moist for prolonged periods of time. Remember when choosing the best container, that dark colors absorb heat.  Avoid black clay or black glossy planters.  Also, make sure you don't use any Mexican pottery that has been lined with tar, as they may contain toxins or chemical compounds.

When selecting, potting soil try to use a basic potting mix. Most nursery and landscape centers have soil specially for vegetable growth.  The container the fertilizer that you need.  Fill the container to an inch or two from the rim.  Of course, you can always blend your own soil mix which save money.
When it comes to the vegetables you will choose to pot here are a few tips.  Plant the planters at the same time as you would if you were planting in your garden.  Soak the potting mix, spread the seeds or pot the transplants.  Water gently.  Keep the containers where they will get full sun for at least 5 hours a day.

A few favorite and easy vegetables to grow in pots are:
Green Beans
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The Best Container Veggies

Here are our choice for the easiest veggies to grow in containers!
Carrots - Rocky soil will yield ugly, crooked carrots that taste great.
Beans - Pole Beans while easy to grow will need a trellis.
Lettuce - Do successive sowings every two weeks to space them out.
Cucumbers - Be sure to avoid potting until all danger of frost has ceased.
Spinach - Pick it continuously once it's leaves are a good size.
Tomatoes - Most people start with a starter plant from a local nursery.
Radishes - Plant seeds directly into the container early spring.
Peppers - Start with a plant from a local nursery for best results.
Squash - Don't place the pot in the wind and try to have some protection.
Basil - Sow seeds directly into garden pot in early June
 636 637

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Feel Invincible With These Potted Veggies

It's so easy to pot up a few healthy vegetables.  In today's world you need all the help you can get when it comes to feeding your family healthy food. Well here's a few types of vegetables that are easy to grow yourself.

Energizer:  Carrots are rich in carotenoids, plant compounds that are shown to improve blood sugar control to ward off tiredness.  Who doesn't need that?  People with a higher carotenoid intake had slimmer waistlines, plus less subcutaneous fat - the jiggly surface kind - and visceral fat - the hart harming type.  So, get a nice large clay planters and get going.


Detoxifier - Radishes help cleanse the body of energy draining toxins. These veggies are natures top source of glucoraphasatin, a unique phytochemical that boosts the activity of detoxification enzymes in the body.  They delivery molybdenum, an antioxidant mineral that helps fight free radical damage.  Go to your local garden center and get them

Immunity booster - Turnip roots and their greens are high in vitamin C. This powerhouse antioxidant strengthens immunity, wards off weight gain and eases anxiety.  The credit goes to C's ability to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

These are just of the few vegetables that you can pot and grow at home. Not only will they add food to the table, create better health, and add color and fragrance to your garden or patio area, but they are fun to grow!
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Pot Grown Veggies


Vegetables that take up little space, such as radishes, carrots and lettuce, or crops that bear fruit over long periods, like tomatoes and peppers, are best suited to containers.

Other good options include cucumbers, onions, eggplant and squash. Staking might be needed for tall or vineing plants like tomatoes and cucumbers.  Be sure to provide adequate drainage and quality pottery soil.
If you like this stacked look, use our Terracotta Italian imported low bowl garden planters.  Each pot is imported directly from our supplier in Italy.  Made of the finest terracotta clay, the beauty of these planter is hard to beat.  Each pot comes with a drain hole.

Click here to see this pot...
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Feat of Clay!

Turn inexpensive terra-cotta clay pots into fun, functional patio decor. All you need is glue!
Make end tables and planter pedestals by stacking containers and saucers in creative combinations.  Sketch out possible combinations, or play with pots you already have on hand, to find a design you like.  Once you have the necessary pieces, assemble them without gluing to make sure the result is what you envisioned.
Use craft adhesive to attach pieces.  Run a solid bead on each surface to be glued.  Then let the assembly dry complete.  Use a pottery sealer if desired.

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What To Do In The Yard This August


August is the month, every year, that finds so many of us out working in our yards and garden areas.  Some of that work is fun and some is pain, but all of it can be enjoyed!  The garden is one of the few places left where no matter how hard you work or how much you don't it always pays off with beautiful flowers, vegetables and more.
Now is the time to enjoy cut flowers.  An abundance of flowers is one of the joys of summer.  If you don't have a cutting garden, visit your local farmers market for bargain blooms.  Top picks of the season will include celosias, cosmos, and gomphrenas.  All are great for quick, beautiful bouquets.


Make them last longer with conditioning:  remove the leaves that fall below the water level in the container you choose, re-cut stems at an angle, and add a floral preservative to feed the flowers.  Don't forget to change the water daily.  Now for the fun part, choose a lovely glass vase, terracotta clay planter or odd shaped glazed pot to display the lovely flowers in.  They all work great!

Water & Containers:
Your pots can dry out quickly with the August heat.  Water them regularly; daily watering may even be necessary.  Hand-watering is efficient, allowing you to give plants just the right amount of water without waste - saving you money.

Pots and plants both love and NEED water, so be vigilant!  Make this process even more fun by using a brightly colored watering can or one of the new flexible hoses.  Take a few deep breaths and enjoy the process.  It's only a chore if you make it one!

Gather Potted Veggies:
Keep a watchful eye on your potted vegetables, by checking it daily.  Harvest regularly to ensure a steady supply of tender veggies through the summer.  Pick squash, zucchini, okra, and eggplant when they are small and tender.

Use sharp clippers or a small knife to harvest to avoid tearing stems.  Harvest peppers or potted tomatoes on the day you plan to use them.  Bring a small pail to carry your harvest.  Share extra with family, friends, and neighbors.

Attract hummingbirds:
There are lots of flowers that hummingbirds love.  Salvias such as 'Black and Blue' anise scented sage, pineapple sage and 'Lady in Red' sage are favorites.  Pot them up in beautiful garden containers and you will attract more hummers than ever!  Use bright red planters to aid in the attraction.

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Tablescapes Using Pottery

Creative arrangements using garden pots and beautiful flowers and plants bring all the charm of the garden indoors to your dining room and breakfast table.
Any dining room can overflow with beauty when you bring the outside in with terracotta planters and garden flowers & grasses.  Make sure you use appropriate sized containers and that their style and design adds to the feel of the room.

Use grasses, potted topiaries, flowers for fragrance and vines for depth.  Fill a bowl with fruit for a burst of color, add bright sunflowers for large blooms that add tons of charm and color and mix containers for a good variety.

Using a breakfast or dining room table as a blank canvas you can create a lovely landscape with garden inspired planters.  A centerpiece of dried or fresh flowers is always a classic.  Small nursery planters with mosses and grasses can be tucked into your theme.

Top the planters with colorful gravel, cut glass or pot shards.  Small flat river rocks give a very distinctive look that is decorative.  Always continue the look further with the dishes and linens you use.  Finish with candles and you have a wonderful tablescape
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