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What Is Your Garden Style?

Choosing from tons of plant materials and containers can be confusing.  Sometimes you don't know where to begin.  Well here are a few tips that we hope will help.

First try to figure out what your style of decorating is.  Are you into colorful planters with wild patterns and bold pigments?  You love to plant green in them and have the focus be the container and not the plants.  Or, do you like all white containers?  This way you can plant all the colorful flowers you like and change it up from season to season.  One season go all pink and the next season you plant all colors of the rainbow.  All of these combinations work in a white garden planter or container.

Do you like a traditional look where topiary trees are potted or do you go for something a bit more playful like a bright pot with grass shooting up out of it creating a wild look.  Do you like mixing plants in pots or are you prone to one plant style per container?  How about smell?  Maybe you don't like a lot of fragrance or does the smell of something sweet drifting on the air excite you?  Some prefer to group many pots together and others like a simple bold statement!

By answering these questions will help you to get started and make a decision before you spend a ton of money on something you are not happy with.  Everyone has different tastes and not one is better than another.  Discover what moves you and go with that.  There is nothing more satisfying then sitting out on your patio, drinking a glass of tea, and admiring the decorative pottery you have surrounding you.
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9/30/2014 11:09:37 AM 
Arizona Pottery 9/30/2014 11:09:37 AM 
Julie, can't say we know but a great question to try on google. Good luck and let us know what you found out!

julie 9/30/2014 12:04:41 AM 
Do antique roses do equally as well in a deciduos summer shade location?

Tablescapes Using Pottery

Creative arrangements using garden pots and beautiful flowers and plants bring all the charm of the garden indoors to your dining room and breakfast table.
Any dining room can overflow with beauty when you bring the outside in with terracotta planters and garden flowers & grasses.  Make sure you use appropriate sized containers and that their style and design adds to the feel of the room.

Use grasses, potted topiaries, flowers for fragrance and vines for depth.  Fill a bowl with fruit for a burst of color, add bright sunflowers for large blooms that add tons of charm and color and mix containers for a good variety.

Using a breakfast or dining room table as a blank canvas you can create a lovely landscape with garden inspired planters.  A centerpiece of dried or fresh flowers is always a classic.  Small nursery planters with mosses and grasses can be tucked into your theme.

Top the planters with colorful gravel, cut glass or pot shards.  Small flat river rocks give a very distinctive look that is decorative.  Always continue the look further with the dishes and linens you use.  Finish with candles and you have a wonderful tablescape
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What Is Your Garden Style?


Create the garden that is best suited to your surroundings.  Here are a few tips how.....
Gardening in containers can be as easy or as complex as you want to make it.  The possibilities for combinations are only limited by the gardener's imagination.  Just about any plant that grows in the ground will thrive in a pot, and it's worthwhile to note that some of the more invasive plants that you normally wouldn't introduce into your yard can be grown within the confines of a container.  Let's start with looking at your environment:
 14590Going for formal:  As far as choices, a formal area tends to be symmetrical in form with orderly rows of containers regularly spaced in traditional or classical garden planters.  Always neat, tidy the overall look can be very effective and impressive, it usually requires a lot of maintenance.  Patterns may vary from style to style but symmentry is preferred.  You don't need a huge formal home and garden area to achieve this effect.  The styling is much more important.
Going for informal:  In this type of setting, the plants develop their 14591 natural shapes and are arranged more irregularly or casually.  You will find more curved lines and shapes that flow and are not rigid.  Few straight edges or geometric forms will make up the planters with a more relaxed and comfortable feel.  This type is a lot less demanding with maintenance.
Other types would be Natural, Southwestern, country or modern.  Try creating an eastern garden with an Asian flair or a Grecian garden with pedestals and flowing ivy.  When it comes to style options you can go cottage, English or colorful
Here are a few things to ponder before you begin.
How do you currently use your yard?
If you have pets or kids will the design need to be safe?
What are you favorite plants?
What is your budget?
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