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Better Berries.....Potted!


You have tried growing herbs in pots, veggies in containers, and flowers in pottery.  Now is the time to give berries a chance.  Here are a few helpful tips to follow.

Pot berry plants in a well draining pottery mix that includes a mix of particle sizes, such as larger composted bark, sand, and peat. Blueberries do best in lighter soils where their fibrous roots can penetrate easily

Raspberries are more adaptable to soil types as long as they are well drained.  Make sure the planter you use is large enough to accommodate the root system and soil and has a drain hole in the bottom to allow excess water to move away from the roots.

Water plants daily during summers hot months and feed them using a organic fertilizer in May, June and July.  Protect the plants from potential damaged from freeze-thaw cycles.  Move the pots into the garage or bury them in the soil and cover with mulch till next Spring


Try to find colorful glazed planters since many of these can handle the changing climates.  If you live in a cold weather state and must leave the potted plants outside, use a poly-resin or concrete planter. The freezing temps won't crack the pots and they will look great from year to year.

Look for flavorful plants.  Medium size flavorful berries are the goal here. Use the fragrance, color and beauty to add to your garden or patio areas. Potted berries are easy to grow, fun to eat and great to look at.  Enjoy!
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Berries In a Jar

You don't need a lot of room for a strawberry patch when you use a terracotta clay strawberry jar to plant your patch in!
So very simple:  just purchase a few strawberry plants and add some earth, air and water.  Put all in a clay pot and viola, you will have edible garden pleasure for your patio or deck in less than 60 minutes.  Try Ozark Beauty or Tribute for steady yields of large, plum berries.

Purchase a pocket pot or strawberry pot.  We sell them in terracotta clay with different number of pockets.  6, 9, 12 pockets all work fine but of course the 12 pocket will yield the most space and the most berries.  Start by filling the bottom of the pot with gravel, pot filler, or broken pot shards.


This separates the soil from the gravel and creates a better drainage system.  Add potting soil and fill the jar with potting soil to eliminate trapped air spaces
Starting with the lowest pocket, make a small hole in the soil and thread a single strawberry plant down into the pocket so it's roots spread toward the interior of the terracotta jar.


Add more soil turning it with your fingers until you have reached the next pocket level.  Repeat planting process until all pockets are filled.  Leave space at the top for more plants.

Container gardens dry out quickly, so water often, with plant food added.  Moist soil and vitamins will keep your garden thriving.  No extra maintenance is required except an occasional manicure.  Pinch off dead leaves and overripe fruit to keep plants healthy and fresh looking.

Rotate the
jars one quarter turn every few days to give plants and berries enough sunlight!  Try a plant caddie, we got em and they really are handy!
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Super Strawberries in Pots.

It's that time again to talk about strawberries in garden planters.  Growing berries in containers can be a great alternative for those with little garden space and those who want to keep the plants from taking over the yard.  The root systems on most berries are very hardy and love to take off and take over.  The key to a successful berry container is good drainage and large enough pot size that will accommodate plant growth.

While plants will vary with soil type, the basic planting is the same for berries growing in a planter versus planted directly into the soil.  Fill the container about half full of planting soil mix.

Loosen the starts roots from the nursery container and place the plant in the pot leaving about 2" around the roots balls of each individual plant.  Make sure it comes near the top of the pot and is not buried.  The, fill the pot with remaining soil.  When completely filled, water thoroughly and gently.

Caring for the berries in a planter pot or strawberry jar is easy.  Plant in early spring while still dormant and place in the sun.  The pots need plenty of water each week and deepening on amount of wind is blowing.  Wind tends to dry out garden planters faster.  Fertilize monthly with a product that is made for berries and follow instructions carefully.

Lightly prune each year and always during dormancy.  Remove the old dead branches and anything that may look diseased.  Protect the plants with a layer of mulch in winter and they should survive.  You can always move the planter pot to a garage or greenhouse.

There are 2 main types of berries.  June-bearing and ever-bearing, that obviously bloom and fruit at different times. 

June-bearing begins blooming in early spring and as the days get longer, flowering decreases and the plants top bearing fruit.  flowering in ever-bearing strawberries can produce fruit over a long period of time.  In cooler climates this means a consistent crop of fruit.  Flavor and sweetness depend on the actual variety you choose so discuss this with a person at your favorite nurser
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Need A Reason To Eat Your Own Strawberries?

Ok, - over the last year we have explained how to grow berries of all types along with information about how to plant them and why using a "Strawberry Jar" is a great way to go.


Today lets talk about why you should take the time and effort to plant and grow your own berries.  The benefits are enormous and the effort is minimal.  Read more.....

Boost Mood!  Scent studies have found just the smell of potted strawberries raises energy and alertness by more than 20%


Live Longer!  Just like aspirin and ibuprofen, planted strawberries block an enzyme called COX from causing strokes and heart attacks - but without the side effects!

Look Great!  The fruit's filled with alpha hydroxy acid, the same ingredient in many skin products.  Eating a handful each day can help keep your skin soft and smooth, or benefit from the outside in by cutting a strawberry in half and rubbing it directly on your face; let sit for 3 minutes and then rinse.  It is so easy and handy when the pot sits right outside your kitchen door.

How about some Raspberries? 

Boost Mood!  Beat the blues and pep up with these juicy gems: They're packed with folic acid and other B vitamins, proven in studies to reduce depression and increase energy.


Live Longer!  Potted Raspberries contain almost 50% more immunity boosting antioxidants than strawberries, three times more than kiwis, and ten times more than tomatoes, according to new research from the Netherlands.

Look Great!  The anthocyanidins that give the planted raspberries their deep red color also strengthen collagen fibers and protect skin tissue, leading to a smoother, younger complexion.

So come on - try just one pot of berries and see what you discover!


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