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Potted Spinach

Did you know that growing Spinach in a garden pot is really easy to do for a number of reasons?  It likes the shade and you can grow it indoors on a windowsill.  Do you eat a lot of fresh spinach and are tired of that bagged stuff from the grocery store?  Then read on and learn how simple it is to grow your own spinach in a flowerpot.


The best size of pot to start growing spinach in should be at least 8” deep.  This is considered a standard flowerpot size and easy to find.  We sell Italian clay 8”garden pots that would be perfect.  Next decide if you want to fill the pot with seeds or starter plants.

Each spinach plant requires approximately 3” of space so make sure you give them that.  If you think you may want to wait to harvest the leaves till they are larger then give them 5” of space or if you like the idea of eating tender small leaves give the potted plants 2” space.  You decide and pick a container accordingly.


If you are thinking about trying this growing idea in the Fall then place the garden container in a sunny spot.  In Spring & Summer when it gets really hot place the flowerpot in a area that gets some shade, especially in the afternoons.  You don’t want to burn those tender leaves that you plan on eating so move the planter accordingly.

Always use a quality growing mix and make sure the planter you use has drain hole.  You don’t want soggy soil.  When watering, avoid watering the foliage and keep the soil damp not soggy or wet.  Don’t get overly concerned about water, just make sure the soil is moist.


Growing indoors requires a pot that has a drain saucer.  You want the over water to drain off the soil but a saucer will be necessary to catch it.  Use smaller pots that fit into your window and plant fewer plants in each.  A window will provide enough sunlight but not all-day sunlight so it’s prefect.

When the spinach stem has 5 leaves you can start to pick them off and eat them.  Start with outer leaves and leave the inner leaves so they will grow larger.  Once all the leaves are gone, cut off the whole plant at the base and it will re-sprout again.

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Grow Spinach In A Flower Pot

Ever tired to grow spinach in a flowerpot?  It's easy to do and look how lovely!
It's always easiest to start out with a beginner plant but if you want sowing seeds is easy to do.  Next you want to decide on the container you are going to us.  Make sure that it's at least 8" deep any pot more shallow will make the root system become root bound and this is very unhealthy.  I say go a bit larger than you originally wanted. Wide pots are good so this is a great time to go with a window box rectangle, or a garden bowl or wok shape.  Terracotta clay is also the best because it is meant to breathe and is the healthiest for the roots.

Space the plants 3" apart if you want large leaves or 2" if you plan on harvesting the leaves while they are still young.  Use a rich potting mix and water till moist but not soggy.  Make sure the
planter has a drain hole for water run-off.  If it's gets to hot you may need to move the pot to the shade so the leaves don't burn.  Growing spinach in flowerpots doesn't need special care.  Just follow the basics and you should be good to go.
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